Sugar paste, modeling pastes

Sugar paste, modeling pastes

Quality Above All

Our shop offers to buy mastic cake is ready, high quality, without wasting time on her cooking at home. This product is completely natural, so you can safely decorate culinary products, mold all kinds of figures and create a real beauty with the children, without worrying about their health.
We suggest you buy mastic in Ukraine is in our store, as guarantee of its plasticity and are ready to offer a wide color range of the material. In particular, we can choose to decorate sugar paste beautiful shades or mastic Fondant Roll.

The festive mood with cake mastic

To please yourself and loved ones can be not only on holidays, but also make desserts on ordinary days. Using mastic modelpast very easy to decorate all sorts of cakes in haste. This dessert will look much more elegant than with chocolate powder.
And in order not to waste time running around the shops in search of jewelry for dessert, be sure to just select the decor directly in the online store. You may ask - why is the sweetest and relatively inexpensive paste for cakes can be bought only in our country? Because choose the easy, convenient and fast delivery all over Ukraine, as well as to your door. The Internet network is sufficient choice of modeling paste, which will satisfy even the most refined taste. You began to make a cake? Do not hesitate, even over another decoration, you need to buy sugar paste with store category. From such a beautiful type, your product will stand out from the usual cream confection.
We also see a wide range of confectionery decorations, so on: "Where such a confectionery product as modeling paste or putty to buy?" Feel free to contact us on the page Confiseur site. We will satisfy your wildest fantasies and confectionery help create not only delicious, but also very beautiful, stylish desserts!

What is confectionery mastic

Confectionery mastic - a plastic material for smvoey structure that allows you to create the most incredible masterpieces confectionery forms. Interent shop mastic is able to present a lot of options for a variety of texture and recipe, it is necessary to create the perfect sweet artwork. Best mastic for each own cake. Some resemble a sour cream based others have chocolate, but for fans of bright flavors are added to the fruit. Such goods as a mastic buy Kharkiv allows for very different price and with a variety of characteristics.

Applications modelpast

Among the huge number of recipes you can highlight a few that are most popular:

  • The chocolate paste is most often the brown mass. It is ideal for those who love any chocolate. For experimenters also suitable recipe with cinnamon, any fruit or even paste made of white chocolate with coconut.
  • Milk recipe is ideal for novice cooks. Mastic for modeling should be similar to the composition of clay, and at the same time it is bound to have good ductility, so you can easily create a work of art. A distinctive feature of this embodiment are the natural ingredients in the composition, and the result is a mixture which is simple enough to create any sculpture. Such goods as food paste can be bought, but nothing beats a homemade product.
  • The gelatin sealant is specially designed for lovers of this product. It has a very delicate flavor and because it can be obtained the most luxurious flowers, which are very often the main decoration of the festive cake. Buy mastic in Ukraine, if such a gelatin homemade practically impossible.

Mastic online store is not only the finished product, but also such items as a set of mastic, which has in its composition the necessary tools for the preparation of pastry plasticine.

The most commonly used mastic for children's cake, because using it is easy to make a real fairy tale at the top of sweetness and attract the attention of varmints. Mastic sugar fairly easy to buy in our store. It is universal and allows to decorate any product from simple cakes, housewives to corporate pie. Mastic cakes for children's or adult has the same composition and properties, but it is for kids often choose dense texture, allows us to give space to creativity.

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