Cream cheese Ammerlander 2,5 kg

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Ammerlander cream cheese from Germany is used in the confectionery business. It can serve as an excellent base for making various desserts, such as cheesecakes, cakes, pies and more.

Ammerlander cream cheese has a soft, creamy texture and delicate flavor, making it ideal for use in desserts. It can also be mixed with other ingredients such as fruit, chocolate, nuts and spices to create unique flavors.

In addition, Ammerlander cream cheese can also be used as a filling for pasta and croissants. It pairs well with fruit toppings, chocolate and nuts, and helps create sweet and delicious snacks and desserts.

Ammerlander cream cheese can also be used to make cream sauces and frostings for cakes. It adds a rich, creamy flavor and texture that makes desserts richer and more appetizing.

Weight : 2.5 kg

Fat content: 70% in dry matter

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