Equipment, all for baking

Equipment, all for baking

We offer our customers environmentally friendly, safe, and very high quality pastry tools, for example: equipment for the baking machine for the removal of stones from the berries, as well as different types of such equipment as the silicone mat, and more <. / p>

Features confectionery equipment

The machine for pitting cherries in this product is available in several different versions, which differ in: the manufacturer, shape, color and size. Mechanical pump action type device differs multifunctionality. This is due to its intended use - processing a large number of berries in the shortest possible time. Besides cherries, sweet cherries also may be used, green and black olives.

The machine for seed cherry berry does not hurt. Such confectionery stock made of high quality material that is 100% consistent with international standards. Machine to remove the seeds from the berries securely fastened to the table top, eliminating slippage. In order to efficiently and accurately carry out the removal of stones from the cherries, to buy such a car is necessary. Advantageous characteristics of the machine:

  • The underlying material - harmless to the human body food grade plastic;
  • Hygiene;
  • Ability to remove seeds from more than 100 berries at the same time;
  • A handy container for the collection of seed;
  • Security;
  • High performance level - about 13 kg / h;
  • Save time.

Options equipment for baking

Also in our online store you can find all the baking.

With the help of easy sorting, you can choose a baking dish and buy a few minutes. Their distinctive feature is considered a great variety of models that differ not only by brand, size and color, but also for the materials used in the production. Bakeware presented in the following options:

  1. Silicone
  2. Metal

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