Certain delivery conditions

1) We want to note that such products as trays, foam plastic models, boxes for cakes, are light in weight and usually quite large in volume, even when assembled, the boxes are up to 70 centimeters and more in length! The calculation of shipping costs by transport companies is based on volumetric weight; we kindly ask you to take this fact into account when placing an order and expecting a cost for delivery.  

2) Wooden axes for cakes have a length of 1 meter, if you choose Ukrposhta to deliver, then it has internal restrictions, and parcels longer than 70 cm will be charged at a double tariff, please take this into account! Upon request, we can split the axis in half!

3) If upon receipt of the order, you are not satisfied with the cost of delivery:

  1. You can ask the representative of the transport company to recount the weight and dimensions of the package, if the data is less, you should recalculate the cost of delivery;
  2. You can pack the package as you think would be more correct and economical. Take a photo, measure the dimensions and send to us, if it turns out that the amount for the delivery of the package according to your option will be less, we will refund your difference!

4) Please check your details: name, phone number and your mailing address before clicking on the order button. Street, avenue, boulevard, road, lane, apartment number, zip code, carrier warehouse number, etc. must be filled in correctly. In the field: First name: write the name, and in the Last name field: last name, not middle name, nickname or transcription. Delivery is processed automatically and the data in the bill of lading will be exactly the ones that you yourself filled out. Incorrectly indicated index will cause the parcel to leave for another city, since parcels in Ukrposhta company are sorted by it. And incorrectly filled first or last name will lead to the fact that you will be refused a package.

5) In the warm season, when sending chocolate products and glazes, there is a risk that the product may lose its shape, its properties and its original appearance. Please consider this fact! Creams, creams, and fruit purees can also deteriorate and not reach you without proper storage conditions. To send this kind of products, we offer special foam thermoboxes that will most effectively save your product. Request them at checkout! 

Confiseur.net online store is not responsible for damage to products sent by mail in the summer.