Sugar pearls

Sugar pearls
Yes, it is the jewelry! Imagine a cake with pearl shining noble pearlescent glow. Elegant beads in appearance almost indistinguishable from real pearls, but they have before them a significant advantage - they can eat!

What makes sugar pearls and beads?

The main question that worries pastry - it's part of jewelry that he will supplement his masterpiece. After all, customer care - one of the main priorities of the master with a capital
. Deciding to buy a pastry beads can be completely worry - they include no harmful chemicals and GMOs. Basis for their manufacture - this is the sugar that is mixed with glucose syrup and flour to form beads
. Decorative pearl coating is absolutely harmless food dye. As you can see, there is nothing in the composition of & nbsp; such that could be harmful. The only caveat - you should not have too many of these pearls, all is good in moderation, especially sugar!

What are sugar beads?

The modern pastry has a huge range of possibilities for the decoration of its products. And if you are going to buy beads to the cake, cake or candy have to start from premeditated design concept to product looked harmoniously, and was couched in a given style.
The range of sugar beads is quite diverse:
  • Classic - standard white pearl coloring
  • Styling for precious metals - silver and gold-plated
  • Color - pink, ivory, blue, green, red, black, etc.
  • Different sizes - is considered standard diameter of 4 mm, but there are also less product beads (1-2 mm) and larger (up to 7 mm)
You can buy jewelry of any color and size to create incredibly beautiful sweet creations!

How can I use sugar pearls?

Products are often bought to decorate cakes, pastries, donuts, candy and a variety of desserts. Also, they will be useful to buy the bartenders, to decorate cocktails and restaurant chefs - for more effective submission desserts
. Apply sugar spheres need to correct, it is desirable to acquire for this special brush. It is also recommended to learn the basic rules of their interaction with other confectionery decoration elements.
For example, if the task is to decorate a layer of mastic, pearls put on the frozen mass, pre-moistened with a drop of water. In the case of chocolate, icing or other viscous substances must act exactly the opposite - laying beads on dry edible uncured layer
. Quite often confectioner need to place decorative items in the cream. If it is a protein, it is best to apply the decoration until the layer has not had time to harden. For the oil and butter cream it does not matter, the beads can be put in any time fine forceps.
Sweet edible pearls can act both as a self-decoration, and be complementary to the core. They are advantageous to look in combination with figures of mastic, a cream-colored chocolate figures.
Common circuit vykladyvaniya sugar pearls - on the perimeter or circumference of confectionery product, or in the center. You can also use stencils with ready-made patterns, creating on the surface of the spectacular figures.

Advantages of edible beads

Sweet pearl beads should buy confectioner, keeping up with the times and aspiring to create a stylish, original product. They have many advantages:
  1. Elegant appearance
  2. A variety of colors and sizes
  3. Affordable
  4. Easy to apply
  5. Compatible with all kinds of confectionery decor
  6. Easy storage

Where to buy sugar beads?

You certainly can to stick a lot of balls with his hands, but why spend time and energy so inefficiently? Shop Online Confiseur offers a wide range of these products, which can be bought at competitive rates.
In addition to beads, which also offers various kinds of dressing, equipment, molds and other helpers confectioner. We have everything you need to create a sweet masterpiece! Delivery is carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine.

From pastry to a jeweler. What is sugar pearls?

A modern confectionery art has no boundaries. Any idea of ​​the author is to be implemented, so the manufacturers of different elements of decor for the confectionery try as much as possible to expand its range of more than.

Edible sugar beads - amazing decoration for cakes, sweets or cakes. Such confectionery topping instantly transform and make your unusual creation. Beads coated with nacre, often called sugar pearls. From this they hardly tell the difference. In our assortment there are beads in many colors, shapes and sizes.

Main ingredients:

Sugar, flour, glucose syrup, food coloring. But there may be other additives. They are all natural, contain no GMOs or prohibited ingredients.

Small sweet bombs can be harmful only when their excessive use (as well as simple sugars).

Storage conditions:
stored in a dry and ventilated place at temperatures up to +20 C, away from sources of heat and sunlight.

Use cases and tips for use

Sugar pearls are often decorated cakes covered with mastic. Festive pearl luster is added after the sealant has already imposed and all other decorative elements set. For mastic to glue them easily by water droplets. Recommended use for this purpose thin brush.

Sprinkling pearls has been widely used in the decoration of other sweet products - sugar decorations. Elements easily fixed to the surface of the icing sugar, fondant or chocolate. The beads should be placed on the product, until the chocolate or other viscous mass is not yet frozen.

Sweet sprinkling demand among bartenders, we recommend sprinkling buy confectionery. It is decorated with a variety of cocktails, giving them an unusual, chic look.

You can work hard and make the pastry beads at home. But their low price makes it possible not to waste time and energy, but simply order them through the Internet. Buy beads cake easily through our online store. We have a wide range of sweet pearl of good price.

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