Chocolate, chocolate products

Chocolate, chocolate products

Only natural chocolate and chocolate products

Baking Chocolate is probably the most popular product used to make desserts. Professional bakers have high demands on the quality of chocolate for confectionery manufacture, and it is not simple: no high-quality products can not be made a dessert that would justify expectations of demanding clients. And at home is best to use products designed for professionals, if you have set ourselves high standards and we are confident that you can cook better than the pros.

For the production of really high-quality chocolate products do not use synthetic additives - all the ingredients are exclusively natural


A particularly high requirements for cocoa butter - the main ingredients used to make chocolate. But as cocoa butter - the most expensive of all the ingredients, many manufacturers to save partially replace it less expensive equivalents (often, while not enter them into the composition). Of course, this will reduce the cost of the final product, but the quality is completely different. We consider it unacceptable, therefore, in our store you will find only natural chocolate and chocolate products.

We can buy sweet white chocolate, bitter, milk, dark, black in various forms:

  • cocoa butter;
  • cocoa powder;
  • weighed chocolate;
  • chocolate powder;
  • chocolate fountain;
  • chocolate topping;
  • transfer film;
  • coffee beans, instant coffee, chocolate cape gooseberry;
  • cocoa nibs into chocolate.

The range of application of these types of chocolate is very wide. They are used:

  • for the manufacture of cakes, pies, cookies, cakes, candy, ice cream;
  • as fillings, ganache, napazhey, creams;
  • for decorating desserts;
  • Filling chocolate fountains;
  • for the manufacture of edible congratulations.

Wholesale supply of chocolate

Buy wholesale chocolate is very profitable, especially the weight of chocolate. & Nbsp; But pay attention to the point that the shelf life of natural chocolate is lower than with chocolate with artificial additives. If you decide to buy chocolate in bulk, in Ukraine you can find many aids that will provide the right conditions for storage of chocolate, thereby significantly extending the life of him.
Buy weight chocolate can be in our store. We weighed catalog contains chocolate in the form of coins and powder. Produces its eminent Spanish company Natracacao.