Chocolate topping, decorations

Chocolate topping, decorations
What a sweet decor of chocolate can be used:
  • Chocolate powder;
  • lace;
  • wavy decoration;
  • leaves and flower petals;
  • various chips;
  • pattern in openwork.
These elements are harmoniously combined with colored creams and together form a unique inlay. Employing imagination, you can come up with different figures, capable of hitting most experienced guest. However, it is easier to buy a chocolate decoration, visit our online store.

Why buy data elements of decor for dessert?

Chocolate decorations for cakes is a demand, because of their palatability. It serves as the final element of the culinary product, stresses and enhances its taste by bringing milk or bitter notes. At the same time, ornaments make no contrast in the dish, but only give it a finished look.
The other side of the coin - the variety. Rich colors - a lot of colors, ordinary dessert of supply to the status of works of art. Just chocolate is combined with the food coloring, so no one at first sight would not be able to guess from which, for example, to make a cake.

How to decorate a cake

The original decorations for cakes today realize quite simple. Unusual solutions for decorating treats can take various forms, for example, noodles or small pieces.
Decorate the dish can be different: to place the composition at the already finished dessert or added to the dough before cooking. Sweet components are added not only in desserts, but also other dishes with which such a decision will be combined harmoniously.
You can spend a lot of time puzzling over design festive meal and leaves a culinary book in search of a suitable option. And you can buy decor chocolate in our online store.

The benefits of chocolate ornaments

Scientists have long proved useful properties of chocolate products:
  1. lowering cholesterol;
  2. lowering blood pressure;
  3. to stimulate brain activity;
  4. improved mood;
  5. vivacity.
In addition, chocolate decor will give you a lot of flavor. For example, elements of decoration, made of white chocolate, will conquer you with its soft, delicate flavor and unobtrusive sweetness. Dark Chocolate - expressive bitterness will like a true connoisseur
. Composition for dessert - the opportunity for creative expression. First of all, working with a variety of shades: pale white or a contrasting dark brown. In addition, in the ready-made solution, you can make changes: the addition of food dyes, opening now a riot of colors.

Genuine Accessories Chocolate

Chocolate balls - very simple and at the same time an original way to give the cake a festive appearance. This method is often used cooks. Despite the simplicity of the product, when the imagination can create a true culinary masterpiece, which is aesthetic and taste.
Completion of the dish gives chocolate topping. You can buy them in any confectionery department, however, in our online store a wide range of the most different decorative solutions. You are guaranteed to find something with which any your idea become a reality.
Of course, instead of having to buy everything you need, you can apply all the culinary skills, but it should be borne in mind that the time - an invaluable resource, especially when it is already on the nose important event
. You can buy jewelry of any format, save your money. The range of our online store includes a wide variety of colors in a variety of designs. Using our products, you have every chance to create real culinary work of art.
Leaves, cuttings, flowers petals and balloons - a great choice for making any creative solutions. Take a culinary carte blanche, and to implement the most daring imagination, surprising friends and family with original treats and simply create a festive atmosphere with their cuisine.

Chocolate decorations

No holiday is complete without a confectionery, whether pastries, sweets, biscuits or cakes. At weddings and birthdays book is not just a beautiful pastries, and the present author's works. Therefore, every cook knows that not only the dough and filling dominate the cake can not do without ornaments. It is they who set the tone and mood of the product. Chocolate decorations are particularly popular. It is not only beautiful, but also delicious.

What can we make of chocolate:

  • chocolate topping;
  • Chocolate Lace;
  • wave;
  • the leaves and flowers;
  • chips of different sizes;
  • mesh pattern.

All of these elements combine perfectly with any cream and colors. And if you connect your imagination, you can come up with such figures that will impress even the most demanding guests. In this case, the chocolate used natural, no dyes or preservatives. Kids will not earn an allergy, girls and women to keep the figure.

Chocolate decorations on the cake are in great demand and its taste. After all, they can accentuate or enhance the taste of the dessert, adding a soft or hard milk bitter notes. It is also indisputable advantage becomes moderate sweetness decor. For example, sugar decorations can spoil the taste of the upper layer of the cake.

You can not leave without attention and richness of colors. Chocolate decorations for cakes can be very different - from white to deep brown. But this does not mean that the leaves on the cake will be beige. Chocolate perfectly friendly with food dyes. Suffice it to drop to there were red flowers, green leaves and multi-colored rainbow.

Of course, chocolate decorations, you can do it yourself, there are simple shapes that can reproduce even a beginner. But such experiments are best done baking, you submit your home for tea. But the decoration for celebration cakes should entrust to professionals who will create a culinary masterpiece from the usual tiles.

Well, the last decisive advantage for chocolate decorations is their health benefits. After all, it is no secret that this sweetness helps improve mood, normalizes blood pressure and increases the mental activity. And what could be better and more correct than the combination of utility and beauty. Thanks to the decorative elements of your holiday will be even brighter, more colorful and more fun.

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