Chocolate Natracacao Spain

Chocolate Natracacao Spain

What is the pastry or cooking chocolate

Chocolate for confectionery purposes, you can buy in stores or ordered online in bulk. This product is devoid of undesirable impurities and additives, which is ideal for use as a filling and topping.
Hollow voluminous figures, flat one-piece, with the most delicate butterfly wings and bizarre pattern - it's all possible with the help of chocolate and your professionalism
. For spectacular decor dessert should buy white chocolate. Decor cake or cookies, made in two colors, always looks spectacular.
More and more professionals to create culinary masterpieces recommend Buy Drops of chocolate. Drops - a heat-resistant droplets or circles of differing viscosities and the percentage of cocoa content. With them convenient to operate, measure accurately and achieve the correct proportions.
The degree of viscosity is responsible for the consistency of the molten product and is:

  • Low
  • High
  • High

The viscosity depends on the amount of fats and emulsifiers in the product. Reduce the viscosity of the sweet mass can be independently adding cocoa butter.
Depending on the percentage of cocoa content chocolate divided into:

  • Milk (including white) - cocoa content of 35%
  • Dark or polugorky product - cocoa content of 35% to 60%
  • Bryut or bitter black - cocoa content of more than 60%

Signs of the perfect chocolate confectioner

  1. The naturalness
  2. Made of high-quality cocoa beans
  3. Heat-resistant
  4. No impurities
  5. A convenient form in the form of drops (Drops), which is convenient to work

In the field of professional confectioners peremptory leader is Spanish chocolate Natracacao manufactured. It is a natural premium product of the finest cocoa beans. It does not contain palm oil produced on ultra-modern technology and is ideal to create a confectionary masterpiece.

Premium Chocolate from Spain

Looking for where to buy the ideal product for a perfect Drops in fondant? The answer is obvious: go to an online store Sonfiseur. Accessories, tools, racks, sprinkling and all that you need an experienced or novice confectioner. Chocolate connoisseurs will appreciate the real and full-bodied taste that undoubtedly defines the highest quality product.
For you in this category a wide range of products and perfect service, namely:

  1. The weight of the highest quality chocolate in Drops
  2. Chocolate glaze in different colors
  3. A set of accessories for pastry
  4. Easy purchase (1 kg)
  5. Prompt delivery (all Ukraine)

Natural Chocolate Spain Natra Sacao. What it is and what it eats? Chocolate - an indispensable product, without which life seems dull and unremarkable. Pet sweet tooth, confectioners and dentists - chocolate has a unique taste and a unique, once conquered the Mayans and Aztecs, and then the whole world. In addition, it is almost a panacea for all ills! He is very positive effect on the body: normalizes blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, improves the functioning of blood vessels and heart. And most importantly, that chocolate causes the release of the hormone of joy (endorphin), helps overcome depression, relieves stress after a hard day's work.

About the company Natra Sacao

The Spanish company Natra Sacao specializes in the production of chocolate and cocoa products for nearly a century. Due to wide experience and deep knowledge in search and processing of raw materials, they are still retain its rightful place in the market.
The company's products in large quantities being used by other manufacturers to create a variety of sweets. Europe - the main area where you can buy their chocolate without difficulty. Ukraine, fortunately, among those countries. However, trade is conducted outside Europe, although to a lesser degree.

On the website you will find confiseur quality chocolate from Spain company Natra Cacao in two forms: powder and disks


in the presence of chocolate with different cocoa content (from 29.7% to 80,5%).
The organic chocolate - a combination of only organic products: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, and vanilla letsiin. Ingredients prepared from non-certified material is not genetically modified.
Store in a cool dry place at a temperature of +18, +20 C and relative humidity of 65%. Shelf life: 2 years from the production date
. On our site sells chocolate wholesale and retail, 250 grams. Here you will find only the highest quality products at affordable prices.

70% dark chocolate


Black chocolate 56 %


Dark chocolate 62 %


Milk chocolate 1 kg


White chocolate 1kg


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