Callebaut chocolate

Callebaut chocolate
Callebaut has created a chocolate for over 100 years, keeping quality and taste in a few generations of chocolatiers and confectioners. Starting from the firing process of the whole cocoa bean, which gives the taste and aroma of each chocolate variety, line culminates in a number of products that improve and finish the desserts both home and professional bakers and chocolate fountains! Callebaut chocolate manufacturer acknowledges the quality of the brand and transmits its customers exceptional taste.
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  • WHO IS Callebaut?
Octaaf Callebaut (Oktaaf ​​Callebaut) began to prepare chocolate products in 1911, but as the company grew, she later switched to the production of finished chocolate for food industry professionals. Throughout the existence of the brand he has always had an incomparable taste and the desire to move forward.
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History begins with Chocolaterie Callebaut, and personal vision Octaaf Callebaut, some of his original chocolate recipes are still produced today.
The company was formed in a small town Belgii- Veze, and after several years of successful work, & nbsp; It has teamed up with a French company Cacao Barry, formed the joint company: Barry Callebaut
. Today, Barry Callebaut is one of the best producers of cocoa products in the world. His long list of victories, including cocoa and chocolate factory in the world, as well as shops in different countries. This global management means that consumers everywhere can access and work with Callebaut products and enjoy them.
In 1925, the chocolate Callebaut became the main favorite for confectioners, chefs, bakers and catering all over the world.
Modern ideas for the future of the brand include the principles of sustainability and fair trade, evident in their product lines, which come from sources of cocoa in the world. The development of cocoa and social programs support collective attention to the future stability of suppliers and chocolate.
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Ambassador Callebaut club not only supports the introduction of new products and innovative packaging methods, but also encourages the creation of recipes and share them through professional activities. Numerous awards for excellence in cooking and baking with chocolate Callebaut makes a leader in the chocolate industry.
In addition, in 1988, he opened his first Callebaut chocolate school, College Callebaut to expand public knowledge and enjoy chocolate in all its forms. Confectioners helping to improve their skills, sharpen delicious recipes and share their knowledge with others, have been the motivating force of college.
Now the brand runs courses on the creation of chocolate around the world as part of Callebaut Chocolate Academy, which opened in 2011. These courses focus on a number of thematic topics, such as chocolate, chocolate snacks, and even designer items and figurines. Academy to expand its worldwide Callebaut makes it possible to attract more professionals and chocolate lovers than ever before.
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"Cocoa Horizons" - a sustainable cocoa cultivation program in the Barry-Callebaut, which aims to achieve productivity and progress in the communities in Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana and Tanzania. The main objectives of the program include the expansion of education, protection of children, empowerment of women and strengthen the health of rural communities. Paying fair prices to farmers and provision of training programs to hone their production methods of cocoa production increases and guarantees the quality of the cocoa. It also allows farmers to successfully improve not only their own lives but also their communities.
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  • What foods DO CALLEBAUT?
Callebaut products range from basic recipes to fillers and glazes for thy chocolate products. They offer massive supply for professional chocolatiers and small options for home bakers and confectioners and chocolate lovers.
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Not all chocolates are equal, so when it comes to selecting Callebaut, it has a chocolate for every occasion and production. Four varieties of the best Belgian chocolate (dark, milk, and white chocolate ruby) are derived from the cocoa farms in West Africa. This steady production method supports the West African farmers and creates a solid and intense chocolate flavor in every bar. The original chocolate with complex aromatic vapor comes from the best cocoa crops and supports fruity, floral, spicy and woody aromas.
Unique premium chocolate is made from a unique taste of cocoa imported from Ecuador, Brazil, Madagascar and other exotic locations.
Thermally stable, baking chocolate, chocolate ice cream or chocolate for the fountain, for this purpose, each product you will find at Barry Callebaut. And also in the assortment of the company have unique chocolate drinks, chocolate and gourmet chocolate without sugar.

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