What is confectionery or culinary chocolate

Chocolate for confectionery purposes can be bought in stores or ordered by weight on the Internet. It is a product free from unwanted impurities and additives, which is ideal for filling and decorating desserts.
Hollow volumetric figures, flat solid ones, butterflies with the thinnest wings and fancy patterns - all this is possible with the help of chocolate and your professionalism.
For a spectacular dessert decor, buy white chocolate. A cake or cookie décor made in two colors always looks impressive.
More and more professionals recommend buying chocolate drops to create culinary masterpieces. Drops are heat-resistant droplets or circles, differing in the degree of viscosity and the percentage of cocoa content. It is convenient to work with them, measure accurately and achieve the correct proportion.
The degree of viscosity is responsible for the consistency of the molten product and is:


The viscosity depends on the amount of fats and emulsifiers in the product. You can lower the viscosity of the sweet mass yourself by adding cocoa butter.
Depending on the percentage of cocoa content, chocolate is divided into:

    Milk (including white) - cocoa content up to 35%
    Dark or semi-bitter product - cocoa content from 35% to 60%
    Brut or bitter black - cocoa content over 60%

Signs of the perfect chocolate for a pastry chef

    Made from quality cocoa beans
    Heat resistant
    No impurities
    Convenient form in the form of a drop (drops), which is convenient to work with

In the field of professional confectioners, the indisputable leader is Spanish chocolate produced by Natracacao. It is a premium natural product made from the finest cocoa beans. It does not contain palm oil, is produced using state-of-the-art technologies and is ideal for creating confectionery masterpieces.

Premium chocolate

Looking for where to buy the perfect product in drops for the perfect fondant? The answer is obvious: go to the Confiseur online store. Accessories, tools, coasters, sprinkles and everything an experienced or novice pastry chef needs. Chocolate gourmets will appreciate the real and rich taste, which undoubtedly determines the highest quality of the product.
For you in this category of goods, a wide range and ideal service are presented, namely:

    Weight chocolate in drops of the highest quality
    Chocolate glaze of various colors
    Lots of accessories for the pastry chef
    Convenient purchase (from 1 kg)
    Prompt delivery (all of Ukraine)

Natural chocolate. What is it and what is it eaten with? Chocolate is an irreplaceable product, without which life seems gray and unremarkable. A favorite of sweet tooths, confectioners and dentists - chocolate has a unique and unique taste that once conquered the Mayan and Aztec peoples, and then the whole world. In addition, it is practically a panacea for all diseases! It has an extremely positive effect on the body: it normalizes blood pressure, lowers cholesterol levels, improves the functioning of blood vessels and the heart. And most importantly, chocolate causes the release of the hormone of joy (endorphin), helps to overcome depression, relieves stress after a hard day's work.

70% dark chocolate


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