Wafer paper images

Wafer paper images

Puts images on the cake

You have decided wafer decorations for cakes to buy, but do not know how to place them on the product? The algorithm is simple enough to know the basic rules and act carefully. To start off the surface of the cake. It is better if the place where it will be in the image, covered with putty, cream butter, protein or vegetable cream. Next:

  • cut image desired shape and size, or take the ready, if it suits you;
  • lubricate the underside of the confectionery gel;
  • carefully laid wafer image, preventing air from entering;
  • the upper part again lubricates the confectionary gel.

    If you did everything correctly, the result is sure will please you. This is a bright and clear picture with a stunning gloss. Gel well impregnate the base, it will be cut without any problems.

    Pictures on the cake

    The range in which the edible stickers presented on our site is huge. We try to satisfy the tastes of all our customers. Would you like to make an original gift? Then hurry up to buy an edible photo and your culinary work will be a great addition to the holiday. Kids, of course, the most pleasing pictures of favorite cartoon characters. For young people and older people will also find suitable options. In this category a wide range and you can buy a wafer image to the cake & nbsp; directly on the site by clicking a button basket.
    We offer wafer cake Images for Wales of any format. It can be round, square, rectangle, etc. It may be small pieces.. (Eg - flowers, butterflies, etc...), Which you then carefully carve and decorate your product
    . If you need specific designs that online store can not offer, the wafer image on the cake really ordered. But the colorful pictures sugar on a cake you can buy in this category store online, simply select the filter.

    The memorial date, wedding, birthday or anniversary - any of these events involves the presence of sweet treats. And, as a rule, confectionery products intended for different events, decorated in different styles. Not everyone can be solved on the intricate experiments with complex figures and congratulatory messages. But waffle cake decoration picture not only save you from the tedious "flourishes", but also give the treat unusual, spectacular view.

    What makes waffle pictures

    This edible decoration is a thin wafers coated with photographic image quality. To taste the cake was not altered taste pictures, recipes jewelry is made in such a way that it has a neutral taste and no smell.

    The basis of the image is the wafer paper made from rice flour. The basic ingredients for wafer images are:

    • vegetable oil;
    • potato starch;
    • distsillirovannaya water;
    • natural food colors.

      Our online store offers the wafer image from reliable manufacturers. All products have the necessary certificates of quality.

      How to use the waffle pictures

      If cake decorating needs only a certain fragment of the image, then simply cut the desired item, and place it on a greased dekorgelem surface of the product. Confectioners are advised not to upload the picture immediately, but to wait for three or four minutes, until the gel is absorbed well into the cake. If you do not want to grease the gel, it is possible to use a light jam.

      To impose a picture must be handled carefully, because decoration quite fragile. Protruding edges carefully removed with a knife, napkin straighten, cover with transparent gel image: it will prevent the product from drying out and give a glossy, elegant look around the cake. Top, if desired, you can decorate a treat powder or cream.

      Buy waffle picture on the cake will be an original and practical solution, since the These products are suitable for any recipe. Cream, chocolate, cream, cakes, soufflés will not change its traditional flavor, but will get a custom look. Low cost, and a rich selection of images of various subjects have led to an increasing number of chefs opt for this kind of topping. Due to the fairly long shelf life (up to 24 months), buy a wafer image in Kharkov you can ahead of time. Surprise, admiration and sincere smiles of the whole family on holiday photos will be the best reminder made the right choice.

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