Exclusives Literature

Tired of cooking to seek information on suspicious sites and women's blogs? Learning is necessary only for the professionals. Our site provides an opportunity not only to buy a quality pastry tools, but also to improve their skills.
Especially for you we have made a selection of exceptional literature. Popular magazines and books for confectioners from well-known authors will bring you to the magical world of sweet art.

In this section you will find:

  1. Useful information for beginners.
  2. No less important ideas and tips for the pros.

The diverse literature will help beginners to master the subtleties of confectionary and pastry masters to improve their skills.
Book for recipes, which you can buy at the lowest prices, contains a detailed description of the techniques create different decorative elements. The logs can be found luxury mater classes on making cakes.

The publication is dedicated:

  • makaronsam;
  • exquisite wedding cake;
  • articles from chocolate;
  • cupcakes and liver;
  • modeling putty
  • baking, etc.

Some books have a special theme. For example, if you are fond of creating unusual figures of mastic, a book catalog Chef "Fairies" for instructions on creating unusual stories with fairies and forest dwellers. Also some magazines dedicated to the Christmas theme.
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Buy a book of recipes for bread machine on site Confiseur is also difficult. The popular «Food» magazine is all about baking, its design and modern trends in this area.

The magazine «Wedding Cakes» - a favorite of professional confectioners. No wedding is now can not do without a luxury cake. Therefore, this area is particularly rampant, but always requires new ideas. «Wedding Cakes» magazine - is a directory of the hottest trends in the world of wedding cakes. With that knowledge in your hand-made products are always in demand.

This literature - the Holy Grail for confectioners who want to improve their skills. Purchase books and magazines from renowned foreign authors can be delivered all over Ukraine. If necessary, the goods will be delivered even abroad. In our online shop you will also find high-quality confectionery tools: tools, ingredients for sweets. Be creative, invent new and unusual options. And do not forget to improve.