Cardboard, plastic packaging

Cardboard and plastic packaging

The most common sweets leave the place of his creation - the kitchen. They go to visit, on a picnic. Professional pastry chefs give their creations for sale, so that they delighted visitors cafe or shop. In this case, an important question: where to find a good package? Our online store will help you pick up the bags, boxes and other types of packaging that will completely satisfy your needs.
Cardboard or plastic packaging for the food on our site is presented in the widest assortment. Interesting design solutions, a variety of colors, shapes and sizes - anything


Why is the choice of packaging and packaging for cookies to gingerbread?

  1. Everyone knows that meet on clothes!
  2. If you make a confectionery on order, literate presentation - absolute necessity. Packaging can be your trademark, to emphasize the quality of sweets. If the product is boring or messy is packed, it can make a bad impression on customers.
  3. Having decided to present some delicacy as a gift, you should also think about his appearance. Which birthday will not be nice to get a birthday cake in bright, beautiful package? Thereby you show attention and care.
  4. High-quality packaging ensures the integrity and safety of the product. Unreliable box made of thin cardboard can not withstand the weight of a large cake or pie. Lack of competent support during transport the more leads to deformation particularly delicate designs.
  5. Packaging for cakes plastic to buy in small boxes or huge cylinders. The range has a wonderful gold and silver cylinders of high-quality design board. If you prefer to have the beauty of your confections can appreciate even in a box, you can purchase a package of clear plastic.

In this section you will be able to choose a suitable package according to the following criteria:

  • color
  • form
  • material
  • maker
  • size

Also in this product category are:
- a substrate;
- trays;
- Tag;
- stickers "Handmade»;
- filler for boxes


Buy a carton through an online store, you can Confiseur with delivery across Ukraine. If necessary, the goods will be delivered even abroad. Here, only the best quality, pleasant and affordable prices.