Packaging for cakes

Such a variety of options lets you arrange a dessert of any size and shape, and, not necessarily round pastry combined with a package - you can connect your imagination and fun to write it, for example, in a rectangular version of the
. And the designer container you can buy a wide range of sizes, allowing you to always stylish gift pack. It is easy and fast to assemble their own hands, and do not need special skills or tools.

Materials boxes for desserts

We can buy boxes from a variety of materials, so choose among them the ideal and the particular confection, and the occasion, and the form of presentation is a snap. At the same time, and plastic packaging for the cake, and analogues of cardboard produced on modern European technologies, matching the standards of quality and environmental performance.
Luxury materials underlined eccentricity products, particularly if buy kraft exclusive embodiment finished white and colored lace, satin, natural fabrics or leather, imitation of precious metals, as well as a host of other textures suitable manner decorated with additional elements.
The apparent fragility and elegance of the packaging must not be misleading - all boxes are designed for quite a lot of weight, and their assembly is very reliable. This will not spoil the cake during transportation and storage.

Benefits package from Confiseur

If you have not decided yet where to buy in Ukraine the container for its confectionery, you should definitely get to know Confiseur range and conditions of cooperation with them. Our online store offers a wide selection of cheap types and sizes of boxes in a stylish decoration for cakes and other sweets, ensuring profitable and very comfortable delivery terms.

A few tips for the packaging of our company designers

Appropriate and competent use of packaging boxes for cakes will not only help preserve the gift in its original form, but also to demonstrate your taste and originality of thought. And our designers would like to share with you some of his secrets in this business:
  1. To emphasize the design confectionery & nbsp; you can buy a pack, the design of which will be used the same motifs, colors and lines;
  2. can be a very interesting option with transparent walls, allowing a precise look sweet gift;
  3. The model of golden shiny cardboard underline the exclusivity and luxury gifts;
  4. Be sure to pay attention to the variability in the use of boxes designed for one piece. Very neizbity, in particular, looks serves composed of such pieces in the form of a circular cake. So guests can enjoy a la carte treats, not blurred. Conveniently in such a way to take the dessert on the nature as well as buy a personalized gift.
Hopefully, our packaging and some useful recommendations for its use will allow you to make a truly unique and memorable gift, surprise and delight and guests, and the hero of the festivities.

It's no secret that people meet on clothes. Confectionery art follow the same rules. Packaging and appearance of the first impression, and it is necessary to pay particular attention to this.
Beautiful packaging for cakes - the key to success in sales or gift giving. The design of the box is handmade in this section, wonderful framed any delicacy. Packaging made of food grade plastic or cardboard. Environmentally friendly and safe material is intended for contact with food. They do not affect the taste of the product and absolutely harmless.

Boxes for cakes presented two types:

  1. Cylinders made of plastic or cardboard design.
  2. Cardboard boxes in the form of cake slices.

Golden cylinders cake - a chic option for the package. Stylish, elegant boxes are very reliable, withstand quite a lot of weight. In order to avoid damage during transport, all the boxes Self-assembling. But do not worry, you can collect them for a few seconds. Some cylinders have a surface that mimics the skin, flax. It looks very impressive.
In the section you will also find a transparent cylinders in white, gold or silver ruffles. This is an excellent option for those who do not like to hide the beauty of their products
It requires special attention to unusual upakovochki a piece of cake. Such triangular boxes can form a full cake, having presented to the guests. Small portions perfect to take along on a picnic or in the street. It is also a great souvenir, a gift on Valentine's Day or just a nice gesture. White packaging of our product range can be arranged as you wish: decorate ribbon or other elements, to paint or to write a wish
. At our site you will find various sizes of packing. Also check out the packages with gingerbread and plastic boxes. All of them are represented in a wide range. Everyone is sure to find something suitable.
Buy packaging for easy cake at the lowest prices in our online store Confiseur. Here you can also purchase any inventory for confectionary better. Any product will be delivered rapidly in Ukraine or abroad.

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