Cake pads

What are the substrate for the cake?

This sweet accessory made of different materials. The most popular - cardboard. It is almost weightless, made of a material that is safe for the food industry and is ideal for transporting the confectionery product, and for its presentation. Key features in the selection:

  1. Size
  2. Form
  3. Color
  4. material

If required the presentation or the prospect of the risks in the process of delivery, wooden coasters models can be used. Modern pastry all less likely to use such an accessory, since their price is embarrassing. Wooden model is significantly higher plastic or cardboard counterparts.
Having made the decision to buy the substrate under the cake, you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of shapes and sizes.
Models of circular and rectangular are the most popular, as the same shape as the majority of confectionery products.
The range of the online store you can buy Confiseur is also in the shape of a flower. This original form will allow to realize the most creative ideas and organically complement your dessert.
Durable high quality cardboard covered with cling film. This makes the product resistant to moisture and grease. Even if the first attempt failed to provide the perfect decor, top food film will quickly and completely wipe the excess cream or paste.
Substrate under the cake are diverse sizes and colors. The range of products for both small cupcakes and minidesertov (8-10 cm in diameter), and the substrate for a huge cake at the celebration (50-70 cm).
Products made in gold and silver colors, the most popular. They are not only perfectly suited for the transport of dessert, but also beneficial to supplement it.
You can not decide on the color? Then you double-sided support for the cake: one side - the silver, the other - Gold


The use and safety of the product

Sometimes, because of the circumstances necessary to particularly worry about the safety of the final product in the process of delivery to the customer. Especially if the dessert is large and impressive weight. Strengthened support for cakes - what you need to buy in similar situations. They are thicker than usual patterns and are more durable. No other device is not going to help you to transport and delivery of your culinary masterpiece, it is worth to think about the purchase of the instrument. Internet- store of accessories for confectioners Confiseur offers a wide range of substrates for cake and other accessories to create confectionery products.

For you - and a wide range of convenient services:
- Substrates for cake in various shapes and colors
. - Wide range of sizes
. - Easy bulk purchase
. - Operational dispatch (all Ukraine)


The substrate is fiberboard white wave 20cm


The substrate is fiberboard white wave 25cm


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