Packaging for cookies and gingerbread

Boxes for cakes and sweet gifts

Beautiful packaging - the key to success in sales or a simple gift giving. The design of the box is handmade in this section, wonderful framed any delicacy. Beautiful box - always intriguing when giving a gift. Therefore, one should not underestimate the importance of seemingly little things.

It's no secret that people meet on clothes. Confectionery art follow the same rules. Packaging and appearance of the first impression, and it is necessary to pay particular attention to this.

On our site you will find Confiseur a variety of products. This section presents numerous packaging for baking, including:

  • Box "Case" for one pasta, cookies, or small souvenirs.
  • Boxes for baking "Standard". Convenient box for a variety of gifts. Serve as an excellent packaging for cookies or cakes, sweets and other surprises.
  • A bright box of gingerbread in a winter hat with reindeer perfectly framed your gift. Unusual design sure to create a good impression.
  • Interesting box with handle. You can choose any design: kids, romantic, spring, etc.
  • .
  • One-color gift box. Under it is possible to pick up any ribbon or individual decorative elements.
  • Boxes sets of fragrant weaknesses. The package has four sections for one product in each. This design allows to share sweets, emphasizing the individuality of each. Will protect the product from damage.
  • organza pouch. In such upakovochku can store decorations, various little things. And most importantly, this is an ideal package for small sweet gifts. It is possible to put handmade chocolates or cookies.

In the large variety of different boxes. Browse photos, make a reservation and rate their quality!

We will deliver the goods to any place in Ukraine and even abroad. At our site a wide range of confectionery equipment, among which - cookie packaging. Buy it easily, making an order through our online store. Do not forget that you can pick up the package with a bright design or something more neutral. Simple boxes leave room for your imagination and personal supplements.

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