Decor for cake

Cake Decorating for children - almost magical effect. After all, the result should match the tastes of the hero of the occasion, to be unique, and bring joy. Bright cake and sea gifts - the main attributes of the holidays. However, adults also like miracles and extravaganza experience, especially on the outstanding occasions.

Today, decorations for cakes Ukraine produces a wide range. We offer a variety of ideas & nbsp; to create a memorable confectionery masterpieces that can decorate any celebration


Cake Decoration for birthday

The most highly anticipated of the year - a birthday, so the birthday cake should be pleasing to the eye and the heart. What set to decorate cakes to buy in this case?

  1. When it comes to child - using games and fairy-tale motifs, dolls, beautiful sugar flowers

  2. For a more adult "newborn" - fantasy of the figures, inedible statuettes possible to construct multi-storey construction with special dowels. Especially popular scale cakes in preparation for significant anniversary.

  3. Candles - where do without them? Spiral, sparkling in the form of numbers, champagne bottles or footballs - our shop for cake decorating offers a wide range of flame of products


Decorating wedding cakes

Confectionery decorations for cakes can be bought on a wedding theme. Selected based on & nbsp; the general concept and cake style, they emphasize the unique atmosphere of the ceremony


Usually, bridal cakes are quite large in size, so they are also fastened by dowels, support tiers using plastic columns and pilasters. Top products decorate the stylized figures of the bride and groom.

Wedding decorations for cakes online store offers in edible form (marzipan mass, sugar, chocolate) or purely decorative (plastic, porcelain, clay). Food decor will delight gourmets, but only photographs will remain in memory. Inedible figures can not eat, but will remain in the new family souvenir statues as guardians of relations and & nbsp; happy memories of the wedding


Decorations for cakes can be bought by making a purchase via the Internet in Ukraine, which will save time, which before the holidays is always small. To do this, select the desired version of the decor on our website. For some items need to pre-order, so it is best to contact the store in advance. Call us - and we will help your festive dessert become delightful