Sugar flowers and figurines

Sugar flowers and figurines

The sugar flowers and figurines - the main stages of fabrication

The unique shape and beautiful flowers from sugar mastic fashion is not so simple. This higher level of mastery of the confectionery, requiring creativity and skill. In addition, to make figures from the mastic , you need to learn how to use the special confectionery tools.

The sugar flowers and other figures made such basic steps:

  1. The preparation of the mastic requires care and skill accuracy. There are various recipes, but as a rule, are the basis of powdered sugar, starch, marshmallow, food coloring and water.
  2. Mastic carefully kneaded up until it is smooth and elastic, like plasticine.
  3. Immediately before the molding pieces starch sprinkled work surface on which are rolled and the desired thickness values ​​shortcakes.
  4. Process modeling colors and shapes creative and challenging, requires skillful hands and some experience. Under the power to make beautiful products to professionals.

As you can see, making decorations for the cake of mastic - not an easy process, time-consuming and lengthy, requires creativity, patience and time. For art and decoration needs some talent and skills. Therefore, more profitable and easier to buy decorations for cakes already in finished form.

Advantages of using ready-made sugar figurines and flowers

Definitely buy sugar flowers or other items for decoration of confectionery products - a cost-effective solution. For people who are not involved in their production and do not have the creativity, it is the best and easiest option. They can decorate any cake, whether it's chocolate or biscuit basis, as well as all kinds of cakes and pastries.

Using the ready-made decorations for cakes and other confectionery products, we have a number of advantages:

  • Giving sweet products beautiful, and refined the original appearance;
  • The simplicity and ease of design that does not require a lot of time, the availability of the application of these ornaments are not professional;
  • Ornaments can be eaten, they are edible and totally harmless;
  • The ability to realize any ideas and imagination to decorate a cake the most extraordinary manner;
  • Clearance not only cakes and pastries, decorated in a special way all the holiday feast;
  • Ability to long-term storage of flowers and figurines made of sugar, they will not lose its taste, quality and appearance;
  • It's nice loyal prices, due to which the decoration became available to many sweet;
  • Significant savings of energy, time and finances on a sweet table decoration.

Where to buy ready-made decorations for cakes?

Our specialized in confectionery industry of Internet-shop "ConfiseurTM" offers everything for a cake decorating in a vast range. In addition, our masters happy to share practical advice on the various options of application of products of colored mastic.

Order and buy sugar flowers or other in our store is not difficult. Everything is simple and is available online. Choose the right product or sugar flowers may be on a photo posted on the website. Also available issue the individual order for production of the original decorations that you can buy at a very good price. We will fulfill your order in an optimally short time, ensuring quality and safe delivery of goods in any point of Ukraine.

Sugar decorations for cakes to buy in our store "ConfiseurTM" - get a delicious and high-quality edible product. Sugar flowers in a wide color palette. You can buy white, blue, vanilla, yellow and other colors. Roses, orchids and other delicate flowers enrich your sweet table extraordinarily beautiful. You just need to choose the appropriate products and buy them in our store.

Sugar decorations in the confectionery business

The flowers from sugar mastic are the edible part of the cake or other confection. These sugar decoration for cakes made from mastic food with a variety of food dyes. They are also produced as a separate confection - buy flowers from sugar mastic can be in our online store


Cake Decorating Color is very time-consuming process that requires time and patience. In order to produce a cake decorating colors, you must have the talent of the artist and to be able to work with special devices to enable this process. There are a myriad of both simple and produced independently, and professional. Cake decoration flowers from mastic provides a beautiful and bright view of the product. This cake is able to become the pride of any festive event, its highlight. Will be eye-catching guests throughout the time of the meeting.

The cake can be decorated with different colors, but most often made cake decoration roses. Existing in reality the variety of these colors provides great opportunities for designers, confectioners. Sugar rose by the skilful hand of the master, can not only beautify the confection, but also to express different feelings.

Quite popular and in demand Cake Decoration figures of mastic. These products complement the other sweet cake decoration. They will allow to diversify it, make it more saturated, interesting and attractive. Decorating cakes figures, for example, the bride and groom, the best fit for the wedding ceremony. Friendly cartoon - sweet figure birthday - a great option for a birthday. In addition, the cake can be placed figurines fairy, cartoon characters, which will bring great joy to the children. Sugar figurines for cake decorations can create intrigue to any corporate party, especially if it will be the figures of its members. In general, it all depends on the imagination.

What do we offer

The sugar decorations for cakes to buy from us - means to receive high-quality artistic product that can be used to decorate pastries and a variety of celebrations at a bargain price. Flowers of the mastic can be bought in different colors. White, yellow, vanilla, lemon orchid, pink and red roses will make your cake unique. With us, you'll not only enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the products offered, but their unforgettable taste.