Satin tape

Satin tape

The use of tape for wrapping desserts

Our online store «Confiseur» offers satin ribbons to buy cheaply, which will increase the profit from the sale of confectionery products at times, if they are beautifully packaged. That is, at a minimal cost, you get a huge plus in sales. I wonder?
Looks very harmonious stripes of contrasting colors, of which one can create a flower, as well as a combination of wide and narrow bands to generate a large volume of a bow on a box with a cake, cupcakes, cakes or sweets box.
Do you want to please the baby? You can buy a pack of his favorite candy colors of the rainbow. Do you want to tell about their feelings? Choose red and scarlet tones. creative love? Make puffs of fabric on the sides of the box. Be creative, do not limit yourself in the works!
What else can be decorated by a satin ribbon? In principle, any dessert you can decorate a beautiful bow, but the most impressive packaging tape looks at:

  • packets of biscuits;
  • boxes with cakes;
  • jars with jelly beans;
  • Bouquets of sweets;
  • the figures of mastic;
  • cakes.

Decor to decorate cakes

Satin edging can be a great decoration for all kinds of cakes. And you can buy it for packaging decoration, so to decorate the dessert itself.
The first variant is known to all and does not cause problems: the cake purchase is almost always accompanied by its decent design, and this is often used ribbon of satin, as it looks very attractive on the box
. This kind of packaging is preferred for cakes, but along with it also used a ribbon of organza and rep, but this atlas is more density, so that it is better to buy a satin ribbon packaging.
In addition to the outer packaging, it is possible to decorate the cake itself directly. To do this, it needs a little moistened with water and put the desired pattern on the surface and sides of cake. Before use, you must remove the decor - it will not be difficult even for a child
. Lest unpleasant moments, try to decorate a small area of ​​the cake, because it is very bright colors with a strong wet can leave an imprint on the light surface.
To avoid this, do not overdo it with water to soak the satin ribbon. And if this is the cake for the wedding and it is covered with putty white or cream color, it is best to choose the decor of pastel colors to baked goods 100% had a presentable appearance at the ceremony.
Cake decoration ribbons often used when decorating wedding and children's desserts and cakes on a photo it gives the ability to create three-dimensional flowers or bows. For such purposes suitable thin ribbon as a general more difficult to work on the cream and mastic.

Where to buy as satin ribbon in Ukraine?

Offer sweets packaging is becoming more and more popular. Each of us is much more pleasant to receive a gift in a beautiful box with bright strings as it pleases us and visually enhances the intrigue, surprise because he initially hidden from view.
You can safely buy a satin edge by a wide margin, as the practice shows that it is certainly not lost, and it you can decorate anything - from the flower bouquet to the delicious macaroon, presented in its original box
. When ordering, you need to specify the necessary characteristics:

  1. Width - can take quite thin for the pattern on the cake or wide for packing big-box
  2. .
  3. Length - the approximate number of meters, so you can gift wrap and tie a beautiful bow
  4. .
  5. Color - in our stores have a wide range of colors, allowing you to easily select the desired color, blending in with the package
  6. .

By visiting our site confectionery equipment, you can buy satin ribbons in Ukraine for the most attractive price in comparison with the proposals of other stores. If you want to buy cheap the various elements of the decor, then take a look at our site and hurry to order until all items are available for purchase in sufficient quantities. Elegant and versatile item, which will be useful in the confectionery business. Satin ribbons easily buy cheap online Confiseur confectionery equipment.

You will also find a strip of raffia. Raffia - a type of palm tree. Robust, flexible raffia used in the decoration of flowers and gifts. From it are obtained graceful bows, various knots and tails

This is most often decorated with things:

  1. Gift boxes or bags.
  2. element will serve as a decoration for the cake or other items.
  3. Decorate sweet bouquets and compositions.

The use of it in a gift box

Most often decorated with gift packaging. Simple white box of cookies can instantly transform tied its classic bright ribbon. From it convenient to make bows and flowers, use them for interesting decorating packages. Elegant ribbons and tie bags for small souvenirs.
Options for tying on the box is very, very much. For example, thin can be used in a couple of different colors. Taking just two or three tapes, make a simple bow. You can decorate the middle of a piece of the other ribbons, interesting sticker or bead. You can connect it with raffia - turns out very original


Multi-colored satin ribbons can serve as not only a comfortable strings on boxes and bags, but also an excellent decorative elements on the sweets. This inedible portion, for example, the cake is usually removed just before use. To stick it to the cake, use plain water. But it can not go too far, or gets wet, and will remain unsightly stains. You can also fix it on the icing. To dock the edge of his seat belt was not visible, they can "mask" a bow of the same ribbon, flowers of mastic or other things.

Buy cheap satin ribbons on our site you can in the following colors:

  • Turquoise
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Pink

Buy satin ribbons in Ukraine easily through our online store. We will deliver them to any part of Ukraine. Possible delivery and abroad.

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