Tape for cake

Tape for cake

An original and practical decoration dessert and baking

Confectionery curb tape - is rapidly gaining popularity in the culinary field. This accessory has found its use not only as decoration dishes, but also in the assembly of different cakes, soufflés. Thus, the dessert appears robust frame, and the cook can not worry about the integrity of their dishes.
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: Transform cakes and any other desserts in seconds. Also, the dessert, "packaged" in this accessory, you can safely pick up, without the risk of getting dirty and damaged. Curb plastic tape has become an indispensable subject in the kitchen of any establishment, or on an ordinary kitchen.
Why should I buy fillets tape:
  1. the creation of a reliable framework for delicate desserts (eg soufflé).
  2. the elimination of any defects in the sidewall.
  3. decorative ornament dishes.

Bright and beautiful ribbon for this culinary masterpiece

At the moment, acetate tape has become a real breakthrough in the culinary world. Confectioners were subdued simplicity of design of its dishes with the help of the decorations: in seconds confection completely transformed and acquires original appearance
. If you notice a defect in the desserts (on the side), and its removal is not time left - enough to buy a tape fillets with different designs that will not only solve the problem, but also to give the dish a completely new and original appearance.

Practical curb strips

Plastic curb tape is selected based on the topic of the event, so that even the most ordinary cake can acquire an exclusive appearance. A key advantage - simplicity. No need to carry out some complicated manipulations acetate ribbon, you are all you need: to make the measurements, cut and put on a dessert
. The presence of the figure, or its absence does not really matter, because the main task of a transparent ribbon candy - mitigation of technological sides of dessert. For example, a rigid film is used for cakes with the consistency of a souffle.
Fragile desserts are safe if the sidewall reinforced rigid ribbon. Having an attractive appearance and resistance to various contingencies in the kitchen, your dessert is guaranteed will get on the holiday table and each guest will win.
Benefits confectionery curb tape:
  • is made from environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic materials, which are completely harmless for both adults and children alike. This makes it possible to carry out direct contact with the culinary accessory products.
  • accessory does not soak over time.
  • does not pass fats and other types of fillings.
  • concealment technology fields.
  • reducing the amount of finishing ingredients.
  • hides any incidental defects dishes.
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