Cake dummies

Cake dummy - a true powerful as the major confectioners, bakeries and small
. Virtually weightless design of high-quality and safe foam is able to solve a number of problems in the work of confectioners and designers.

Methods of Use dummy cakes

Fake Cake from foam is widely used in window dressing pastry shops. Perishable desserts are not suitable for jewelery display cases and presentation stands and plastic cake can be pleasing to the eye almost forever.
Covered with mastic, decorated with marzipan flowers, fake cake will decorate the interior of the confectionery, and will serve as a clear demonstration of your skill.
The abundance of shapes and sizes, ideal contours of plaster casts allow to recreate a cake, visually identical to the original.
Layout cake Styrofoam also solves the problem of realization of any ideas of the customer in life. Opportunity to see the desired cake before the celebration, appreciate its beauty and flawless execution - it's all possible with the hoax
. Moreover, the false floor in the cake - a reasonable cost savings without compromising on the solemnity of the moment. Often owners want the event to impress guests in style dessert, but have limited resources or the assembled company can not afford to overcome a huge sweet art.
In such a situation as well come to the rescue of the blank or dummy tiers.
Foam elements usually form a lower tier and at the same time serve as a substrate cake & nbsp.; Shortcakes are arranged on the substrate, after which the entire structure is covered with putty or cream and is decorated in a uniform style.
Design using false tiers look the same enchanting and elegant, as well as completely real cakes. At the same time, the price of such products is significantly lower.

The abundance of forms - a wide field for fancy pastry

Fake and false tiers for cakes made of safe high quality foam.
This material is widely used in the food industry due to its characteristics:

  • Unsuitable breeding ground for fungus and harmful microorganisms
  • Do not deform from moisture
  • Resistant to physical activities
  • Do not enter into chemical contact with other elements

In addition to the dummy, here you can buy foam substrate under the cake. Durable, safe foam substrate will help transport the dessert to the customer, while maintaining its original shape.

A wide range of quality and warranty Confiseur

Internet store for confectioners Confiseur offers a wide range of ingredients, accessories and items for decoration.
You can buy foam substrate under the cake, models from foam of different forms:

  1. Square
  2. circle
  3. Rectangle
  4. Heart

Fake Styrofoam buy worth every confectioner. The distinction of shapes and sizes (diameter products - from 10 to 60 cm) to help realize your ideas
. Reasonable prices for the goods, convenient form of payment and prompt delivery make purchases in the online store Confiseur as comfortable and beneficial.

The advantages of raised-tier design

You made a happy holiday or arrange the showcase? You need a fake cake? Then you just need to buy a fake Styrofoam.
With light and strong "cakes" of foam, can create masterpiece sweet t for holiday or party, by combining the edible and inedible tiers. Single-stage and multistage stand give an additional amount of registered articles.
Plaster casts of the foam used in the decoration of shop windows, exhibitions and other promotional events. In confectionery, sweets are made to order, the dummy will not only present, but also to see how it will look like the final product.
Especially popular are & nbsp; blanks when decorating a wedding reception, exquisitely decorated, it can be a memorable gift to the newlyweds


Foam cake board d10 h2.5 cm


Foam cake board d12 h2.5 cm


Foam cake board d13 h2.5 cm


Foam cake board d14 h2.5 cm


Foam cake board d15 h2.5 cm


Foam cake board d16 h2.5 cm


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