The decor and large letters from foam

Why Styrofoam letters?

We decided to cite just a few arguments:

  1. foam plastic can be given any shape and size that allows you to translate any idea into life.
  2. The strength of the foam and the weight allow you to set labels easily, and do not worry about what the form will change shape or color.
  3. The color palette. The foam can be painted in any color.
  4. The foam - an environmentally friendly material, and completely non-toxic
  5. .
  6. Ability to create not only the letters or labels, but any architectural forms and shapes.
  7. Low cost of ready-made products, so you can buy your favorite decor without worrying that the budget is exceeded.
  8. The inscriptions and figures of foam to fit perfectly into any interior or exterior.

Ideas for decor from foam

We can not tell about all the possible ways of decorating the premises by means of letters, figures from the foam, as it is impossible. But we can throw a couple of ideas.
The first thing that comes to mind is the wedding. As used here is not beautiful and voluminous inscription - love, family, bride, groom, wedding. And note that these important details are fairly cheap, but the pictures will please more than one year.
Since we are talking about love, it is not here to remember this holiday as February 14. Many couples book a professional photo session on this day, to capture their own love story. There are appropriate numbers (for example, the start date of the relationship), sayings in different languages, or the names of couples in love, a variety of shapes.
Having a child - this is an important occasion to invite the photographer. We, in turn, can cut the figures for the age of the baby or cut the child's name. When your baby gets older and will be first in kindergarten, you will come across a huge number of theme parties, who so want to save the photos. Here you can buy the digit group number or name of the holiday.
Prom in the school - this is a separate page of life, as in the child's life and in the lives of parents. Therefore, to the staged photo session, we recommend to prepare in advance. You can buy a variety of three-dimensional figures, descriptions (for example, the class of "11A", school № 122), funny expression. All this will make the yearbook creative and memorable.
Birthdays occupy an important place in the life of every human being. Many Birthdays bought professional photographer. If you have a themed birthday party, you can not do without three-dimensional figures, numbers and labels and be sure - it's inexpensive! You can buy as a great figure, and small labels.
And finally, a creative photo session with volume labels will become a creative addition to any portfolio model. Indeed, many companies want to see in the first identity. Here you can order the production of name Centerfolds or the same brand, for which actually creates a portfolio. You can see ready-made solutions in our online store and buy your favorite shape.

The decor from foam - creativity and moderation in one "bottle»

In our online store you can buy decor from foam, and boldly proceed to the design of premises for a holiday or taking pictures. All our pieces of foam are made on high-quality equipment using termorezki that allows to be sure that at the most crucial moment of all the inscriptions will retain their shape and color.
If you can not find the necessary labels you visualize, feel free to contact us and our designer will be able to realize ideas of any complexity in life. In addition, you can send your drawings to our email address and we will contact you shortly.
We would like to note that our designer can give advice on holiday decoration options. You can buy large letters that simulate a variety of natural surface:

  1. Wood;
  2. Natural stone;
  3. Gold;
  4. Silver;
  5. Silk;
  6. Sand.

If you plan to frequently use the decor (eg for photos), we can custom to put a special protective coating.

Decor foam "March 8"


Decor foam "Cakepops"


Decor foam "Candy"


Decor foam "Love"


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