Bags, packing

Bags, packing

How to choose?

Before you buy a pastry bag, you need to analyze

  1. How often you are baking?
  2. What size are your products?
  3. How complicated decorations on your baked goods?

If you are baking is not often - you quite suitable plastic disposable bag that does not require storage space, it is not necessary to wash - it is simply discarded after use. If the cake is your hobby & nbsp; or profession, the bag should be professional silicone. He is easy to clean and long serves Noether shape and properties.
Nozzles for pastry bag is better to choose the metal. They retain their shape longer, have a major relief, not erased.
Having dealt with these questions, you will understand how to buy a pastry bag and with some attachments.
Having made the choice to buy a pastry tips, you can either complete with bag, as well as separately.
Separately packing cream you can buy in our online store. This will help you save a lot of money.

What are the tips for cake decorations are used more often?

If you do not often are baking, you have enough in the kitchen of the minimum set of sprockets and the nozzle tube. But if you are a professional in your arsenal of recipes there is such a complicated dessert as Saint Honoré, you just need a professional tips for cake.
Where to buy?
It is not necessary for cooking appliances to buy in stores or untested markets. On our site you can buy tips on the piping bag, piping bag itself, as well as an adapter for nozzles. Here you will find everything that will help you turn into a work of art, even the most dull cake.
& Nbsp; All products from the best manufacturers, are certified and meet the highest European quality standards
. Make your choice, and we will deliver your purchase in any point of Ukraine.

Pastry bags and tips for decorating sweets

Cakes, cakes, which are decorated with cream - all of it is almost impossible to cook without applying a pastry bag with nozzles. These sweets should bring not only pleasure in terms of taste, but also aesthetics. Therefore, every housewife, carried away by the confectionery business, is simply obliged to have in the kitchen such affiliation. Not to mention the professional confectioners. Buy a pastry bag with nozzles in the online store can be at a very competitive price.

Nozzles to decorate cakes are now in great demand. Of course, dessert products, which are decorated with the help of improvised means, do not look as impressive as the ones that are decorated with special tools, so even with a set of nozzles, through which you can create a sweet decor according to your liking and create stunning decorative ornaments. Today there is difficulty to buy confectionery nozzles - Ukraine is the country in which the production of sweets have always paid special attention to


It is understood that the pastry bags and tips mostly chosen by professionals who use these devices in the confectionery business. But any housewife can buy this accessory to your kitchen, if it is passionate about cooking and decorating cakes baking. Maybe these tools will be used too often, but do not neglect these very useful devices, especially as their cost is available to everyone. It's so nice, feeling inspired, bake something sweet and unusually decorate it.

Dessert sweets for decoration which used self-made accessories, will always give in cakes and pastries, which were used to decorate the professional tools. Particular cooking bags have a set of nozzles, which allow to change the thickness and the configuration content.

Nozzles for pastry bags presented in a wide range - various configurations and diameters, from classic to quite sophisticated. Pastry bags and tips to buy - this is the optimal solution for amateur and professional culinary arts


Choose a pastry bags for nozzles and other accessories for the magic of culinary arts, make ordering on the website and get the product in any city of Ukraine. Suitable payment options and delivery to the customer's choice.

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