Pastry blade

Confectionery blade - a magic wand Pastry Chef

The beauty and taste of the prepared dishes depends not only on prescription, master knowledge, but also on the availability of special tools. After all, they make it possible to raise the production process to a higher level, make the most of the production capacity, diversify products, improve the quality of the range.

By submitting a birthday cake on the table, the hostess often feel uncomfortable from the inability to quickly, without spoiling the appearance and the sequence of layers, expanded cakes on plates. To solve this problem will be able confectionery blades, which in addition to supplying the desserts, are used for their modern and exclusive jewelry.

Thanks to this tool you can easily:

  • Qualitatively knead the ingredients of the future of sweet products.
  • On the baking surface of the cake or put the cream cakes.
  • On the walls of the cookware completely collect the remains of dough or filling.

For the pastry spatula for cake just irreplaceable assistant. It allows you to lay an attractive appearance even at the initial stage of cooking, brings to life an economical and uninterrupted production. And in order to enhance the beauty of the delicious desserts and reduce their cost price only need to buy a shovel for a cake.


  • Save time. Quickly and easily be manipulated with a cream and the dough is reduced during manufacture of confectionery products.
  • Creativity. Expand opportunities to create new and unique desserts implement culinary ideas.
  • waste-free. Reduced loss of material, practically no cream or dough in the pan.
  • Range. With a recipe, you can vary the production of several types of application of the cream.

Depending on the purpose, there are blades to align the cream layer blade knives for cutting baking blade wedding cake or cake for simple layout on plates. Such a wide variety enough to select a tool not only for branded confectionery, but also for home cooking. Its presence on the holiday table shows attentive, skilful and caring hostess.

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