Auxiliary tools

Auxiliary tools

Special metal utensils, knives

Confectioner working with different products, and each needs its own approach. You will not achieve the desired result, if the hand is only a couple of simple kitchen tools. Convenient tools are specifically designed to alleviate the plight of confectioners, saving them time and effort.

Ejector pitted cherries

Cherry popular filling for pies or cakes. But it has a big drawback - the bones. Neither sweet tooth will not want to inadvertently break a tooth when one gets into the cake!

Squeeze out the bones of the cherries is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Typically, skilled women use pins, hooking bones and "pulling" of the berries. But this process is quite laborious. In addition, the cherry juice and tries to splash in the eyes or dirty the kitchen. Ejector pitted cherries convenient to use: put enough berries in a special groove and compress tool. The process is fast and accurate.

Karbovochny knife

lemon zest or orange often found in recipes. It gives a special flavor of exquisite sweets, it is an interesting option decor. For the convenience of confectioners was created karbovochny knife designed for slicing the citrus peel. Adaptation sharp, but safe. Made tools of stainless steel, comfortable handle - made of wood. Buy karbovochny knife on our website - with delivery in Ukraine

Dispenser for loose products

In the arsenal of pastry is always a lot of bulk products: sugar, flour, powdered sugar, cocoa, starch and more. These products tend to stray into lumps that can harm confections. Universal dispenser is a device that resembles a familiar all the salt. Small holes carefully sifted product, preparing it for use.

Buy Dispenser for loose products and other accessories for confectioners possible through our online store at the lowest prices. At our site you will find a huge range of confectionery equipment of the best quality. We deliver any product in the shortest possible time in the regions of Ukraine and abroad.

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