What can be decorated with the help of stencils?

Experience decorating confectionery products used for decorating icing cakes mastic and covered with cream, cakes, desserts and pastries.
In addition to the confectionery business, similar devices used in the work baristas. Often using stamps are those amazing designs and patterns that we observe in the crema.
The conclusion is obvious: to surprise and delight your guests and customers simply buy stencils for decoration
. Types of stencils:

  1. Big Cake
  2. Round small for cookies, muffins and coffee
  3. Curbing options for decorating the side of the cake

The method works

  • Dry pattern (sprinkling)

Keep the stencil over a cake or gingerbread at a distance of 1-2 cm and sprinkled with the selected region or cocoa powder.

Result: a delicate pattern with smooth blurred edges

  • The pasty coating equipment

Attach the stencil to the cake and pastry spatula, apply the paste on the surface, being careful not to impose it on the stamp itself. This method is perfect for chocolate, jelly, gingerbread glaze. It is this method is used for icing and openwork patterns.

Result: a dense volumetric figure

  • Drawing stencil

Take a brush and paint with liquid food coloring on top. You can buy a modern airbrush for this technique. Remove stamp - figure ready. This method is excellent for the mastic which provides a flat surface of cake and, as a consequence, the ideal canvas for such pictures.

Result: translucent patterns that give the charm of the finished product


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Confectionery stencils in our online shop are in different variations. The catalog includes products for both professionals and amateurs in the field of confectionary art. For customers attention provided stencils for decorating cakes and mastic, which differ according to the following criteria:

  1. Assign.
  2. Size.
  3. Type design clippings.
  4. form.

The advantages of using

In the manufacture of confectionery products & nbsp; use:

- mastic, which was further decorated by means of extrusion of various patterns;
- icing, chocolate, ganache, or for the application of patterns, drawing and separation product parts;
- cocoa and powdered sugar, to give lightness and elegance of confectionery or bakery product

Stencils for mastic characterized by elegant forms and figures, remarkably suitable for symmetrical decorations desserts. In our online store you can buy a mask for a cake that meets your individual requirements.

As a result, use of these devices, turn the cake is not only delicious, but beautiful and symmetrical decorated product. They can be used to give to the culinary masterpiece & nbsp; more original and presentable, which will surely enjoy.

Because of the flexible icing using this device can do delicate parts, characterized by the incredible beauty. Their purpose - to decorate and decorate a cake or any other confection. You can find templates most unpredictable forms:

  1. icing crown;
  2. flowers icing;
  3. butterfly icing;
  4. heart icing;
  5. geometric figures;
  6. damask pattern.

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