Patchwork for mastic

Patchwork-cutters: an indispensable tool for mastic

Cutter for mastic brand Patchwork became popular all over the world devices. They are designed to create individual articles of mastic or marzipan, and for the production of interesting prints on the cake, patterns and textures.

Material cutting mastic - the food does not cling plastic that is safe for both children and adults. The tool is easy to clean, has no expiration date.

How to use mastic for patchwork:

  • Create figures for decoration.
  • Roll piece mastic to a sheet thickness of about 2-3 mm. Attach a Patchwork-cutter and press down to fully figure was carved.
  • A more complex and beautiful figures made of several layers. Creating, for example, an owl, cut her several pieces of different colors. One owl use entirely as the basis, while the other cut individual elements (yellow beak brown feet, etc.). With edible adhesive fix them on the substrate. So the owl will be interesting and volume.

Creating a texture for mastic

The texture is created on the surface of the cake, covered with mastic. To do this, roll the amount of mass, sufficient to cover the entire product. The thickness should be about 3 mm. Cover Get the "canvas" cake. Cut off the excess at the base of the cake. Special utjuzhkom carefully smooth the surface of the cake top and sides. Take the cutter and press down it to the mastic so that it remains on the drawing. Continue these steps until the entire surface (or only part, if necessary) is covered with patterns. For an effective food product may be coated with glitter.

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