Molds for mastic

Molds for mastic

Silicone Molds to buy mastic worth it if you often do confectionery creativity as an amateur or professional. Molds for mastic pasochki remind children to play with sand, using only their adult chefs to create unique works of confectionery.

Why are fun to use silicone molds for mastic?

  1. You can choose from a huge number of variants of the figures, which are suitable for a particular festive occasion.
  2. Work with forms quickly and conveniently, rather than hours for manufacturing the cake decorating elements takes only minutes to prepare, bookmark material, and about 1 hour at its freezing. Therefore, Molds for mastic in Ukraine are becoming more popular among professional confectioners.
  3. In the room in the form of multi-colored putty output product will be painted in several colors.
  4. MDL silicone mastic for food use, odorless and tasteless, withstands high temperatures.

Options decorate cakes mastic figures

If you are not sure what kind of form to buy mastic, meet with a range of possibilities of this kind of jewelry. You can create:

  • borders and garlands of flowers and lace;
  • leaves, butterflies, bells;
  • precious stones and pearl necklace;
  • figurines of people and animals;
  • the ring and heart for wedding cakes.

How to apply for Molds mastic when decorating

To work with the results from Molde mastic admired its perfection, it is necessary to follow the simple rules of treatment with this tool.

  1. Make sure that the inner surface of the mold dry thoroughly, and evenly sprinkle it with starch material before laying. This is necessary for a good backlog of finished decoration by silicone walls.
  2. Completely fill with mastic all deepening molds for mastic. You can buy and shape of two halves, then turn the volume figures. Carefully fill the two parts, slightly moisten the paste into the joints, and, blind parts, squeeze the form.
  3. Immerse preform in the freezer. The larger the product, the more time it takes to pour. For small parts it is 15-20 minutes.
  4. Once frozen, remove the finished figure carefully. Now it is possible to paint or decorate icing.

Molds for mastic buy in Ukraine you can, make an order through our online store. For some items, please call in advance. Even if you can not find on the site a suitable variant form - we fulfill individual wishes to your masterpiece remembered for a long time


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