Molds for chocolate

Molds for chocolate

Molds for chocolate - what are they for


When decorating confectionery products, both at home and in professional workshops, plastic molding chocolate allows us to produce the most bizarre elements.

Chocolate gifts are especially popular in times of national holidays, dear to our heart and spirit. In Valentine's Day confectioners receive orders on the mass of chocolate hearts, flowers and cupids, which help customers to express warm feelings to your loved ones. Easter motifs of rabbits and chickens are also becoming more common in the confectionery industry.

Home holiday using chocolate molds easily be turned into a miracle. Chocolate souvenirs in the form of cars, dolls, animals that if you want to fit in celebration scenario, significantly revive children's birthday will delight adults and anniversaries. They can be used when decorating birthday cake, as well as a separate gift article.

To manufacture chocolate figurines is quite simple with the use of high-quality confectionery tools. Chocolate molds buy today can be of different sizes and themes.

How to apply Molds for chocolate production figures:

  • form does not require lubrication, can be directly poured into it melted chocolate;
  • the bulk temperature for pouring should be slightly below normal body temperature;
  • If after the chocolate melt freeze again, and then warm up to the necessary standard, the product will be more smooth and glossy;
  • it is recommended to use only high quality chocolate;
  • the completed form should be shaken or tapped it on the table to remove the bubbles with the same purpose for a more reliable result, you can use the brush;
  • figurine frozen so that it is easily removed from the mold.

Professional chocolate molds to buy, without spending a lot of time, you will be able through our online store. Pick the site you are interested in subjects, create an application - and the creative flow of your creative energy will result in quite tangible edible figurines. Their unique quality profitable emphasize your skill level.

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Mold for chocolate 1008 "Love and heart"
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Mold for chocolate 1604 "love in heart"
Mold for chocolate 1604 "love in heart"

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Mold for chocolate 1646 "Love and doves"
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Mold for chocolate Lolly 1208 "arrow to the heart
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