Texture mats, press

Texture mats, press

All for the original pattern: texture mats, press

Now you can find a variety of confectionery equipment, allowing you to quickly and accurately decorate sweet goods beautiful patterns on mastic. Little animals, hearts, curls, dots or skin effect all that will transform your cake, and so difficult to do manually.

Mats with texture - mastic teksturoyaaa

Matt texture - these are special mats to create a relief surface on cakes, pastries, rolls. Usually it is used to work with mastic or marzipan. Texture mats mastic are popular in modern confectioners' because of the simplicity and convenience. Products obtained interesting and without additional decoration.

How to use:

  1. Roll mastic or marzipan thin layer
  2. .
  3. Put the rolled seam on the mat
  4. .
  5.  gently roll to figure slammed into mastic
  6. .
  7. Flip the mat, carefully remove it from the sweet mass. If you want to cut out certain parts of a pattern, use special tools for modeling.

Press patterned

Press mastic buy a handy tool for modeling, creating a relief surface: an interesting layout in the form of ancient embroidery, pearls, and much more. The tool has a comfortable handle, easy to handle. But recommend that you first practice on a piece of putty, and then move on to the cake.

How to use:

  1. Cover the cake with mastic or other article. Proceed with the work immediately, until it is dry (otherwise cracks are formed on the surface).
  2. Carefully attach the tool to the cake and gently push.
  3. If the cake round, make a mark on the side storone products. Once you have made the first mark, position the tool in the completion of the figure. Repeat until the "okoltsuete" cake pattern.

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CK Texture Mat Floral


Press the tape FMM 1


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