The stamens for the production of flowers. Creating sugar flowers for the decoration of cakes - it's the basics of confectionary art. confectioners professionals do so lovely and natural products that they can not distinguish from the real buds. Graceful sweet roses, daisies, tulips, gladioli, confers sweetness incredible freshness and uniqueness. Wedding cakes are traditionally decorated with white roses and delicate lilies.
To create a believable buds flower petals of mastic needed and, of course, the stamens for sugar flowers. The first thing you need to know - are inedible. This is a thread with plastic heads on one or both sides. Their shelf life is unlimited, store better in a dry ventilated area. kinds of colors in nature are incredibly much, so buy the stamens for flowers can also be of different sizes, colors and shapes.
Take the time to carefully examine the flower you want to repeat. Pick just such stamens of flowers that nature has created for him. Typically, the stamens for sugar flowers are for a particular flower and the name specified. But if you decide to dream up, you can break a few rules.

How to make a flower stamen

It is recommended to use about 3-4 rakers on 1 flower. They should not be cut, just follow the sequence:

  • Create flowers from sugar mastic
  • Fold in half stamen, fasten the auxiliary thread in color and insert it into the center of the flower
  • dry for 24 hours
  • Decorate the cake Get buds

The stamens can be produced by, but because of the low cost - it is easier to buy a flower stamen. Ukraine belongs to the countries where the purchase of sugar for all colors is not difficult.

A couple of tricks in the production of stamens for flowers:

  1. You can draw pollen from semolina, wax, rosin, sawdust or fine tooth powder.
  2. If you want to experiment, inventing an unusual flower stamens can be painted with acrylic paints as well as you need to

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