Paint brushes

Paint brushes

The artist put their hearts into their work, it receives from this incredible fun. But even more satisfaction he gets when his work brings joy to other people. Painting master confectioner, in contrast to the paintings of the artist, surprising not only in appearance but also taste.
There are many techniques of decorating sweet products, but a simple drawing food colors - the most delicate and interesting. The main thing to pick a good pastry tools.
Confectionery brush - ideal for decorating cakes, painting on confectionery and sugar spraying colors. Brush pastry suited for painting small parts and figures.

Pastry brushes are:

  • on natural cloth
  • artificial pile
  • silicon

Pastry brushes - it is an important tool for the professional pastry chef, but even a simple amateur, homemade sweets addictive design, can not do without such a device. At our site you will be able to buy a pastry brush of different applications and in different sizes. Paint type values ​​did not matter. High quality pastry brush we guarantee from reputable manufacturers.

Drawing on mastic

Many people recommend to apply pattern on the mastic before placing it on the product. But you can paint the paste directly on the cake, if you prefer. Roll mastic and attach it to the sample (drawing on plain paper). Office knife, making a neat slit in the paper, transfer the pattern. It should be quite a small amount of paint. Draw the same way as you did as a child, dipping the brush into the water confectionery (for gel - in water or vodka), and then in the paint. Imagine that you are an artist, and mastic - the canvas. Finished work, leave to dry for about a day, then gently move the mastic on the cake.
Paint brushes are available at low prices in our online store. Implement itself as master-confectioner. And remember: you - not a simple cook, you - the creator


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