Floral tape

Floral tape

Floral teip tape

The tape borrowed from florists - used by confectioners to decorate refined sugary products teip floral tape to buy. These ribbons are tied off florists bouquets, but in the confectionery business it will find a lot of applications.
Teip tape represents an elegant paper corrugated ribbon with an antibacterial coating and adhesive effect. On the site you will find this material from the British manufacturer of the highest quality.
Attention! Floral tape is not appropriate to insert it into a cake, because the product contains adhesive part. For these purposes special boutonnieres purchased.

Applications floral tape confectioners taip:

  1. It is indispensable in the formation of the sugar flowers.
  2. Ribbon enjoyed as an independent element of the decoration on the cake.
  3. You can put it on a side of cake to smooth out any irregularities.
  4. It is convenient to use in the preparation of compositions from sweets
  5. Ideal as a creative solution to the antennae, tangles bouquet of sugar flowers.

Buy teip floristic tape very easily. It is regularly used in floristry, so the range is quite broad. Yet the market received specific colors required for florists with fresh flowers. In our store you can find Confiseur.net green, red, white, black, light green, dark green, beige tape, as well as consisting of two halves (for ease of operation). We can buy a tape in Dnepropetrovsk stock or our partners in the city of Kharkov - teip tape inexpensive price


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