Towers for macarons

The confectionery art - is the ability to create from the ingredients undistinguished true masterpiece. Master confectioner sees himself as an artist, which means that the appearance and taste of the works depends on his imagination.
Thus, the imagination of a French craftsman once upon a time led to the emergence of "pasta" - sweet and delicate sweets, still enjoys great popularity among the sweet tooth
. Say exactly how appeared pasta, no one can say. Some argue that the treat is not from France, and brought him Catherine de Medici of Italy after her marriage to Henry II. Another legend has it that the city of two French nuns invented pasta cookies to outwit monastic dietary rules.
Recipe makarons comprises 4 main components:

  • egg whites,
  • almond flour,
  • water
  • powdered sugar.

All mixed and baked. Two halves of biscuits fasten soft layer. Fillings vary - there are fruit, pistachio, vanilla filling makarons, coffee, coconut, lemon or ginger. The finished product is tender, crisp with a smooth surface and a soft inside. Treat melts in your mouth.

What is the foam dummy?

What could be better than pasta? A LOT of pasta! We present a special tower of foam in the shape of a cone, designed for these cookies.
Tower of pasta is perfect for all special occasions. She will decorate the wedding, birthday or anniversary. If your significant other loves sweets, entertain her unusual gift. Also tapered dummy is ideal for the presentation of the goodies in store.
Pasta is securely fastened to the tower, forming a kind of "Christmas tree". The foam does not affect the taste of sweets. In our online-store Tower pasta is represented in different sizes. Select the right product and order it on our website. We will deliver the towers or other confectionery equipment from the range in any point of Ukraine.

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