Molds for Lollipop

Molds for Lollipop

Molds for Lollipops Candy

Lollipops Candy - one of the favorite treats children and adults. Delicious candy on a stick popular is not the first century. The idea of ​​such sweets are very simple, so lolipops prototypes appeared for a long time. In English, the word lolly-pop is dated 1784 year. It was used more often in the context of soft rather than hard candy. Most likely, the word comes from the «lolly» (language) and «pop» (knock).
If you want to create a candy on a stick, you can not do without a special pastry tools - molds for chocolates (MDL)


Simple forms for cofete (MDL)

This form is used to:

  • Chocolate
  • putty
  • jelly
  • marzipan and other unheated mixtures

candy forms will help to create an unusual delicacy, without any special effort.
Made of high quality pastry tools food grade plastic. Reliable, flexible material is easy to apply, easy to remove figures. The tool can not be washed in the dishwasher.

Forms for hot mix

Conventional Molds are not designed to work with such mixtures as isomalt or caramel. But in our assortment is a special form of MDL. High-resistant plastic food + 375 C. The material is harmless and very reliable.

How to use the forms for chocolates?

In order to mold chocolates, you should melt the chocolate. But to the product high gloss, it is better to freeze it and warm up again. Brush grease form, then pour the rest mass and insert wand. Allow time to cool down. After cooling, remove the items carefully.
Prior to the formation of figures of mastic is better to sprinkle the form of starch. Carefully fill weight of all recesses and place the form in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Large forms should be left longer. Finished products would extract easily.

molds for chocolates on our site are divided into the following categories:

  • children
  • animals
  • New Year
  • different
  • heart / lip
  • flowers
  • figures / alphabet

Forms for sweets can be bought through our online store at the lowest prices. We have only the best quality, proven manufacturers and reasonable prices for any confectionary equipment.

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