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Molds for Cake Pops

Cake Pops - Mini Cake on a stick. Modern, miniature dessert is exquisite taste. The author is a talented pastry chef Angie Dudley of Atlanta. Delicious cake born from scraps of biscuit, cake remaining after the collection.

As the filling of these amazing products serves a biscuit, which is mixed with chocolate chips, icing or cream. Cream for the dessert will suit absolutely any. Our & nbsp; cake pops photo made with high quality and different angles. In Cake Pops happy to use biscuit white, chocolate, red velvet. Properly selected cream at biscuit makes the taste of a memorable dessert.

Form Cake Pops is traditionally considered a round or oval, with bakers wanting more variety, so gaining popularity shaped Cake Pop Maker with an unusual design cakes.

Form for the cake pop, its purpose

  • wedding - have a figure in the form of newly-weds;
  • New - figurines in the form of Christmas trees, snowmen, Christmas decorations;
  • Easter - are in the form of eggs and bunnies;
  • holidays - butterflies, flowers, whiskers, candies, cones, triangular, square, and other shapes;
  • children - Princess, cars, marine animals, emoticons
  • .

Cake Pops will give a festive mood and a smile in the most ordinary day & nbsp;. Cake Pop Maker buy in our confectionary Inventory quite easily. They are ideal for parties and children's parties, it is convenient to eat, and a variety of colors and designs will create an unforgettable atmosphere of bright, worth to photograph.

Buy cake pops in a store or a candy store is difficult, they are only gaining popularity. Therefore it is better to cook a wonderful dessert at home, inexpensively it does not require you enough, simply buy a form for cake pop. Enjoy culinary delights.

baking molds are made of food-grade silicone high quality, and consists of two identical halves. Silicone molds are economical and have a wide range of actions. They can be put in the refrigerator, freezer, microwave, oven. They are well washed in warm water and dishwashing machines & nbsp.; They take up little space, durable, versatile.

For Cake Pops - the best deal

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