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Among Us
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Size A-4 (Round 20 cm)
Picture of a waffle with the image of game Among Us.
Edible pictures printed onto wafer paper rice starch, standard thickness 0.7 mm and exceptionally edible ink.
How to decorate waffle cake picture:
cut (if necessary) the image with scissors;
- if the cake base mastic, then grease the base of a neutral gel or clear any jam;
- put the picture onto the cake and gently using a dry cloth to smooth it;
- for effect of gloss, smudge the image a transparent gel with a brush.

This picture can also be printed on sugar paper. Their wishes, You can specify in the order comments idli calling us on the phone.

Also our store for pastry chef, takes orders for printing personal images, You can email us at: zakaz@confiseur.net or Viber: +38(066)345-68-68

We send pictures throughout Ukraine, every day from Monday to Friday! The production time of the images not more than an hour!

Product Parameters

Type of picture
Among Us
Wafer paper
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