Confiseur - color dust spruce greens 150 ml

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Dry the dyes from TM Confiseur in the palette have both bright colors and delicate pastel shades. Dye dry spruce green example of the rich, dark shade of green. Thanks to him Your sweet products will be transformed!

The dye in dry form is applied in a sugar product, a light dusting with a brush.. In decorating goods main thing – harmonious use of color. So don't be afraid to use several dry colors, creating tints and interesting colors.

Dry dyes to buy through our website is available at the lowest prices. Make an order and we will deliver goods in any point of Ukraine or abroad.

Dry food dye, safe to health .
Used for dry coloring sugar flowers, for decoration of cakes.When mixed with alcohol or water as paint to draw with a brush.

Can stain protein frosting and chocolate, cocoa butter , chocolate glaze

Buy the food dye dry in Ukraine.

Packaging : 150 ml weight: 30 grams



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