Veliche Gourmet White chocolate White obsession 30% 1kg

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Veliche Gourmet White Obsession 30% white chocolate is a high quality chocolate made with selected ingredients. It contains 30% cocoa butter, which gives it a rich, creamy taste and a delicate texture.

This chocolate is ideal for use in confections such as cakes, pastries, mousses and other sweets. It can also be used to create glazes, sauces and other dessert sauces.

Veliche Gourmet is a brand that produces high quality chocolates from selected ingredients. They use only natural ingredients, and make sure that their chocolates are produced to high quality standards.

Overall, if you love white chocolate, Veliche Gourmet White Obsession 30% is a great choice to use in your favorite desserts.

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About the manufacturer

Veliche Gourmet

Veliche Gourmet is a manufacturer of natural chocolate for professional confectioners. The company was founded in 2016 in the Netherlands, and has since become one of the leaders in the production of high-quality chocolate.Veliche Gourmet offers a wi... Read more...
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