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Food food color paste light green
25 grams

Master confectionary for many years used food food color to create exclusive presentation confectionaries. The food color paste is the most liquid of different colors and shades that you want to add in miniscule doses in paste, the dough for cake, marzipan, icing and other mixture before baking. This component is organic, so harmless to the human body. For example, a light green gel food color does not affect the taste and texture of the finished product, and only adds to the originality of appearance. Light green food coloring to buy today is not difficult, if you visit the online store Confiseur.

Our online catalogue holds a myriad of shades and colors of this product. Buy light green gel food coloring with the most incredible culinary fantasies is to us. If you wish to achieve unrealistic emerald hue of mastic, you can try to mix the contents of several vials of a component, and then you have to buy light green gel ink for the postmark and a darker shade.

This mix will help to decorate any pastry masterpieces, and online store Confiseur will be happy to help out. Light green food coloring is also used as the color of the icing, mousse, frosting, other ingredients for baking. If you do not know where to order this component, light green food food color to buy in Confiseur is the right decision.

Manufacturer : TM "Confiseur" (Ukraine,Dnepr)

Used for coloring sugar paste, marzipan and dough, and also , if necessary, icing,cream and zephyr. Does not spoil the taste and will not change the texture of the painted products.

Paste food food color, safe for health.Store in dry cool place, in densely closed container at temperature not exceeding 25 0C and relative humidity of air not more than 75%.

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