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Baking should be not only delicious, but also beautiful. In this case, the cake or cakes will certainly become one of the main holiday ornaments and remembered by all as a true work of art. Make baked confection unique and suitable for a particular triumph for help decorating cakes, buy special equipment for the production of which is possible in our online store.

What do we offer?

In our catalog you can find everything you need for an experienced chef and the novice user. We will help you to make sweet masterpieces of any size and shape. We offer to purchase:

  • Food brushes, which necessarily require those planning to put on the surface of the cake a beautiful pattern;
  • Special pastry sleeves or bags supplied in conjunction with a set of nozzles, can be obtained from cooked cream any figure. Beautiful flowers, cute hearts, or circles appear on decorating the surface in a matter of minutes;
  • The tools used when working with cement. With their help, be sure to be able to give the finished confectionery product or elements of decoration desired shape. If any decoration wedding cakes becomes an enjoyable experience, allowing express their imagination, and prepare a real culinary masterpiece;
  • Silicone Mold, under which curbs and very complex architectural forms can even create a novice confectioner.

If you do not want to bother with the decoration for the cake, you can buy a ready-made, for example, a flower from the mastic. In our catalog you will find white, yellow, vanilla, rose, lemon, light green orchids and roses, pink and red. Flowers from mastic look so realistic that some are afraid to eat them!

Also in our online store, you can choose candles for the cake, which is traditionally lit on all birthdays by creating a special unique atmosphere.

You can choose candles:

  • the appropriate size (depending on the size of the cake);
  • desired shape (not just the usual cylindrical, but in the form of numbers);
  • The ideal colors.

How to drop off a cake?

Those who bakes to order, necessarily need a special cake packaging, allowing to deliver a beautiful cake for the holiday, having overcome considerable distance. In our catalog the substrate cake by any size and shape. Protect the finished product in the way of any external influence will definitely help box cake. Regardless of the diameter of the finished cake and the height, you can choose the appropriate option to packaging during transport are not squeezed the product.