Toppers on the cake

Toppers on the cake

What is the topper?

Cake Topper - original and elegant, decorative removable decoration. Typically, topper consists of directly topical decoration that is on a wooden skewer or toothpick inserted in sweetness. design options there are so many. Often this figure, silhouettes, characters, date and case labels, which are just the tip. They can be flat and three-dimensional, self-colored and multi-colored - the flight of fantasy unlimited


Made topper on the special equipment of different materials, the most common acrylic, wood, plastic, cardboard. The materials can be used felts, ribbons, flowers, and other materials. Do also edible toppers of sweet marzipan or plastic mass, buy that will not be difficult, but their price is higher.

Decorating with special sophistication

Often the toppers on wedding cake made in the form silhouette of the bride and groom. Demand theme hearts and honeymooners figures. Most often it is a graceful contour reproduction, which in comparison with standard volume figures, looks more refined and gentle.

A stylish and looks spectacular on the holiday sweet table topper in the form of various inscriptions. The most popular are "Happy Birthday," "Happy wedding", as well as the names or initials of the heroes of the occasion. Will look unique themed images and figurines, buy that is not a problem.

Advantages of Topper

Order and buy a topper on the cake is uniquely advantageous. Products of this type are characterized by a number of positive features:

  • A variety of design variants, the possibility of implementing different ideas, fantasies and wishes;
  • Secure decoration of the festive table, wear resistance and durability, which can optionally be a family heirloom;
  • Multivariance - an opportunity not only to decorate the sweets on the festive meal, and use as interior decor;
  • Available loyal and price that will surprise a wide range of buyers.

A great buy original cake topper for

In our "ConfiseurTM" online store to order and buy cake toppers for is available in classic or original style. They are designed and manufactured, with the warmth and sincerity of our masters. Decent selection and nice price will please loyal customers. Order the desired option and it is available to buy online. Delivery will be carried out in any point of Ukraine for a couple of days a convenient way for the customer.

The range in four main varieties Topper:

  1. Capitalization lovers names spelled out in the original style. They can be made with the "+" and without it.
  2. Various overlays in the classic or exquisite execution. The traditional concern «Happy Birthday», «Love you», «Happiness», but also may be any other options on request.
  3. Heart in different variations. They can be performed with silhouettes and their names newlywed inscription. It may be one heart, or steam, as well as possible variations of different labels. & Nbsp;
  4. silhouette of a bride and groom in different variations. Executed in classic black, white and red, but other colors.

manufactures all options silhouettes topper cake of high quality acrylic. Standard products are made in the classic style of white, red or black. You can also order and buy other shade variations or unique performing styles. If you have ideas or would like an individual, no matter who does not like cake decorating element, we will be happy to accommodate your wishes.

What is important to consider when ordering and purchasing Topper?

If you want to order and buy a topper for the cake in the form of the original inscriptions or unique shape, you should consider the time factor. Preparing a unique product, such as your name, we may not be so in advance of placing should be.

Often, our masters will perform solo orders quickly, within a few days. But in the case complexity and unusual jewelry, you may need a little more time. We will try to implement all your ideas fast, accurate and quality to your celebration was joyful and beautiful.

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