Floral wire

Floral wire

Wire to create sweet tracks

Floral wire is a simple metallic thread, floral wire is used to create a bouquet of sugar flowers, decoration of leaves and berries. The wire is placed in a plastic capsule and inserted into the cake.

What is the numbering on the package floristricheskoy wire?

Each number indicates the thickness of the wire. The higher the number, the thinner it is. The thinnest wire has number 33, the thickest - 16. You can buy all the floral wire partition, and a variety of colors


Why use floristic wires?

  • №16, 18 - the thickest wire. Usually used for flowers with a very heavy base and for securing massive structures.
  • №20 - wire for sugar flowers that number is used for the buds and flowers seredinok with a heavy base. She is a little thinner than the previous.
  • №22, 24 - is used as a basis for the bouquet, with her working on a large and dense leaves and large flower buds
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  • №26 - wire under this number is perfect for most of the leaves and flowers
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  • №28, 30 - This room is suitable for small buds, creating branches climbing plants or berries
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  • №33 - the least in demand, as is used for the creation of stamens, pistils, very small leaves and flowers. Usually pistils and stamens are sold off the shelf, but some prefer to create their own. Suitable for sensitive and delicate work.
  • №26 and 28 - the most popular, universal number, they can be used to build complex skeletons cakes. With it, made candy bouquets.

What color floral wire choose?

On our website you can buy wire 11 different colors. This is the most common colors for confectionery products. It all depends on what kind of flower you are doing. If you suddenly need a special, unusual color, stock up white wire. White is always possible tint. Wire coated with a special colored composition harmless. A wide variety of sizes and colors allows you to buy just such a wire floristic what you need.

Floral wire white # 18


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