Tools for making sugar flower

Tools for making sugar flower

Tools for creating sugar flowers

Putty - a versatile product that opens up new possibilities for confectioners all over the world. With it creates a smooth finish and cakes, invented complex compositions (flowers, leaves). Mastic is possible to do the whole sculpture and wonderful sugar flowers. But confectionery mastic of high quality is possible only with the use of special tools.

At our site a great selection of tools for mastic, which will save you time and help you create something truly amazing!

Buy Tools for mastic - they will be useful not only in dealing with sugar flowers, but also speed up the process of manufacturing a variety of sweet figures and patterns for a chic decor


Sticks for modeling

The main instruments are the special sticks to simulate different sizes and shapes. Each his destiny. The sticks have different tips to help you at different stages of flower production. For example, ceramic texture sticks make veins and texture on the flowers, help in the manufacture of ruffles and frills.

The sticks are also indispensable in the creation of other interesting and sugar figures.

Mats for modeling

To make the petals, mastic should be easy to give in to pressure and did not explode. Special mats - is the most comfortable working surface. Soft mat for modeling simplifies the process of creating color. He is absolutely smooth, paste does not stick to it.

Tools more serious

Sometimes confectioner not do without instruments resembling the arsenal of the surgeon. After working with mastic can be truly the jewelry. In our assortment you will find pliers, cutters, nippers, scissors, craft the best quality.

Round and cutters are required to work with the wire in the English technique of making bouquets. Cutter (resembling a knife) will help cut the smallest details. A craft-scissors - a versatile tool in the creative process if you need to cut off the wire, cardboard, packaging products, etc.


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