Cuttings, stencils, plungers

Cuttings, stencils, plungers

It is difficult to argue with the fact that a confectionery masterpiece is possible only if two factors are present: the talent of the confectioner and high-quality confectionery inventory. Our online store presents a mega-assortment of specialized products for confectioners and bakers. If you are a professional confectioner or just like to pamper your loved ones with sweets, everyone can find something for themselves in the store's catalog. Also, in our store you can buy a plunger for mastic, with the help of which you can create various three-dimensional patterns from mastic, chocolate and various creams.

Confectionery inventory from "A" to "Z"

The assortment of the store is constantly growing and is updated daily, and today it has more than a thousand nomenclature items. Here you can find a wide variety of equipment not only for confectionery, but also for creating edible decorations: cutters, patchwork, stencils and plungers.

Stencils for cakes, which allow you to create a wide variety of decorations, are especially popular. Stencils can be used both with dry (cocoa, powdered sugar, dye powders, seasonings) and wet (cream, sour cream, chocolate, etc.) materials. Such stencils can be of various types - starting from stencils of letters and numbers and ending with geometric patterns and ornaments of varying degrees of complexity.

You can also find stencils for icing with us, thanks to which you can create three-dimensional decorations in the form of various objects, ornaments, geometric shapes, and so on. Such stencils allow you to create interesting compositions on any subject on confectionery products.

Professionals pay special attention to patchwork. Such blanks allow you to create complex and voluminous designs on cakes from mastic, creams and other ingredients, but working with them is quite difficult and requires certain qualifications. Most often, cutters are used for patchwork - special devices that allow you to cut patterns of any complexity and shape on mastic.

What are we ready to offer our customers?

  • A large assortment of environmentally friendly and non-toxic confectionery supplies: cake decorating stencils, pastry bags, letters, stamps and much more.
  • Affordable pricing policy.
  • High quality confectionery inventory.
  • Convenient payment and delivery methods.