Vegetable cream "Prontalluso" 27%

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"Prontalluso" plant-based confectionary cream with 27% fat is an ideal choice for preparing cakes and desserts with a delicate and rich taste. "Prontalluso" creams have a rich texture that will add silkiness and smoothness to your dishes. They are easily whipped into a lush foam, which is kept for a long time without changing the consistency. This allows you to create exquisite creamy creams, mousses, sauces and other confectionery desserts. Due to its high fat content - 27%, this cream has a rich and rich taste, which gives cakes and desserts a luxurious taste profile. They also add a pleasant aroma and soft texture to your dishes. "Prontalluso" plant-based confectionary cream is a reliable and tasty ingredient for any culinary creation.
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