White chocolate 33% Terravita 1 kg

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Terravita offers you to enjoy the exquisite taste and texture of its white chocolate with 33% cocoa content. This chocolate stands out for its delicate and aromatic composition, which will be a real delight for chocolate lovers. Key Features: 33% Cocoa Content: This chocolate contains 33% cocoa, giving it the rich flavor and texture typical of white chocolate. Weight 1 kg: A package contains 1 kilogram of this wonderful white chocolate, which allows you to enjoy it to perfection or use it to prepare a variety of desserts and confectionery. Terravita quality: The Terravita brand is known for the high quality and exquisite taste of its products. This chocolate is no exception, offering you the ultimate white chocolate experience. This Terravita white chocolate with 33% cocoa content is the perfect choice for those who value exquisite taste and quality. It can be a great addition to your dessert, a gift for chocolate lovers or an ingredient to create delicious confectionery. Production Poland Weight 1 kg
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