Nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements


Athletes, people with certain contraindications for fatty foods, can be introduced into their diet egg albumin. The product contains no fat, is made from egg white, is recommended for dietary and health use. If you need albumin can buy it online in our shop. Nutritionists recommend to use it in the following cases:

  • support immunity;
  • strengthening bones;
  • for people suffering from liver disease;
  • in obesity and a strict diet;
  • for children with the aim of preventing dysbiosis.

For those who want to organize their power so as to be always a source of calcium, protein, egg albumin, inulin is needed to buy that we offer the lowest prices.


Agar best solution for the sweet tooth, conscious about their figure. If you want to buy agar-agar, Ukraine will offer a choice of several varaantov. Agar-agar is suitable for making layered dessert, because it is more qualitative than gelatin forms a gel-like structure. The minimum calorie content will make your meal a dietary product. Marshmallows, candy, candy in these sweets perfectly use agar-agar, where to buy it is not necessary to trouble themselves in such matter. A dedicated website for the sale of confectionery products will tell you that agar agar buy Kharkov offers seven days a week. Take a look at our catalog and choose everything you need to help in the kitchen.


Another product that is widely used in cooking and nutrition - pectin. Buy it recommended for those who are trying to achieve metabolic stabilization. Recipes using pectin dietetically balanced, tasty and easily prepared. It is useful to add pectin jellies and jams, you will improve their nutritional value and flavor. If you want to buy Ukraine pectin is a manufacturer of high-quality product. Our online store has a wonderful product in its range. For older people it is very important to control blood cholesterol, improve bowel function, regulate blood pressure. Natural "cleaner" apple pectin can buy on our site. Your body will be regularly cleaned without disturbing the bacteriological balance, which is important when dysbiosis. Look pectin, but do not know where to buy? Our website will offer you inexpensive and high-quality natural product.

Agar 50 grams


Aquafaba 50 grams


Albumin (egg protein) 1kg


Whitewashed 50g


Glycerine 75 g


Gum arabic 50g


Erythritol 50 grams


Gelatin 180 blum 50 g


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