Cocoa - Products

Cocoa - Products

The use of cocoa butter

This oil - a nice addition to any confectionery creation

Another highlight of your masterpiece can be a powder or oil of chocolate. And if you still think that the cocoa butter Ukraine does not sell, you're wrong! Buy cocoa butter you can have. In this section is presented as the weight of 100 gram and kilogram. This product is easy to apply to almost any baking.

Why natural cocoa

For Sale confectionery additives - this is our specialty. We fully understand the customer's needs and ready to satisfy all your wishes. On our site contains photos of products in order to enable you to visualize yourself look through the range.
If there was a question in front of you, where to buy, then please contact us. We are confident that our choices will make you happy, not only choice, but also the Privacy Policy. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of chocolate!

The preparation of a variety of sweet delicacies - a hobby of many housewives. After all, it gives the opportunity to unleash your creativity, show the mother all the love and care of her. A very important point in this case is every little thing:

  • formulation
  • the selected equipment
  • set of ingredients
  • decoration of the finished product

Chocolate topping: a beautiful dessert with your hands

Just bake a delicious cake is almost every woman. Make it a true work of art will help chocolate topping and decorations. chocolate topping presented in the assortment can have different colors and shapes. The feathers becomes vermicelli chocolate and chocolate chips, made of white, black or natural milk chocolate. Use posypku easily. In order to make any confection beautiful and original, simply roll it into a fully strewing or sprinkle grit selected areas.

natural cocoa products are used In the manufacture of dressing and decorations presented in range. Beautiful and original topping made from chocolate chips and powdered sugar. This sprinkling not only beautifies confectionery. It is tasty and healthy, because chocolate vermicelli and chocolate shards made of cocoa powder and cocoa butter.

What is the appropriate cocoa butter

At the heart of each of these products is usually cocoa butter confectionery. At the moment the buy cocoa butter Ukraine proposes in specialized stores, for use in the manufacture of creams and impregnations for baking and production of desserts. It can be used for decoration. Quality baking cocoa butter adds flavor and helps to make each finished cake or cake nice and original. It is one of the most popular confectionery, which must be included with the composition of sweets, desserts, creams, chocolate. For its production using cocoa butter beans first extraction. It consists of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids. They strengthen the walls of blood vessels, a beneficial effect on the nervous and hematopoietic system. Question, where to buy cocoa butter, high quality, often ask the staff of beauty salons. Namely, it becomes the basis of masks that can rejuvenate the face and body.

Buy cocoa powder - a decision one way or another comes to mind every confectioner. With this product a wide range of confectionery products can be presented in a range. The store on the cocoa powder price is acceptable, but in that situation, when cocoa powder is purchased in bulk, buying turns out even more profitable.

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Crushed Cocoa Beans - Nibs (100 grams)
Crushed Cocoa Beans - Nibs (100 grams)

65.00грн 48.75грн

Cocoa butter 1kg


Cocoa butter 100 grams


Cocoa butter drops 1kg


Cocoa powder D102B


Cocoa powder D102DRM


Cocoa powder Darko


Cocoa powder N101


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