Sugar paste Roll Fondant Red 250 grams

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Mastic Roll Fondant is a high-quality red paste made in the Netherlands. Steensma positions this product as a universal one, suitable for full wrapping of cakes, pastries, and for sweets decor elements. Perfectly stained with food coloring, quite elastic and elastic. Mastic Roll Fondant white is a ready-to-use product, you just need to carefully knead and roll it out to the required thickness. Easily takes the form of the product you need, you can easily cover up flaws with careless coverage. Roll Fondant mastic contains: sugar, glucose syrup, starch, vegetable oils and fats, water, dextrose, emulsifier, thickener, flavor. Store at room temperature 15-20°C. Shelf life: up to one year from the date of production. The price is for 1 package weighing 250 grams.

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